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So before we start the show I wanna tell you about to live episodes. I'll be recording in just a few weeks and how you can come see them in person. If you are a fan of ninety s alternative music you will not want to miss my live conversation with the founders of sub pop the legendary recording label behind bands like Nirvana soundgarden. The Shins and many many others that show is happening on March. Twenty six in Seattle at Benaroya Hall and then the very next night. March twenty seventh. I'll be in San Francisco interviewing. Ken Grossman founder of one of the biggest craft beer makers in America Sierra Nevada brewing company. That's happening at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco. Now if you haven't been to a live recording of the show they are Super Fun. Come on down. Meet your fellow listeners. Be a part of the show. Laugh cry grab some how I built this swag and come say hi to me in the team so I really hope to see you in either or maybe both San Francisco and Seattle on March twenty. Sixth and twenty seventh for tickets visit. Npr PRESENTS DOT. Org Van our spending every waking moment together making videos and we ended up calling it the night stepbrothers and calling it a TV show and crabs you you end up selling to hbo just a short time later for like two million dollars which which has been life changing for you. Yes it was. It was incomprehensible to us was it. We shot this video on a tutor. Dr Camera we bought at Walmart. We ended this movie. You know this is this is when HBO was sex in the city. Sopranos six feet under the wire.

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