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11 games after beating the Lamar Jackson list. Ravens 19 to 14 I'm JD half ring from the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic center. We make it easy. There's some traffic around the fire in downtown L. A. This is in the fabric district of downtown Los Angeles and ninth Street and wall. Now the structure that's on fire is along the Southeast. Corner of that intersection, and traffic in the area is just absolutely jam packed. So as an alternative, just head over to you can take on Sampedro Street That's to the East or you can even take just to the West. Take the next block over. That's Mabel. You should be fine getting through. It's also check out the drive in downtown on the 1 10 Freeway. This is making your way South bound little slow off the window one looking better once you make your way past Fourth Street, where crashes wrapping up the North bound stop. I'd song from the 10 to the one No. One and Anaheim Hills still starting to send out 91 eastbound between where Canyon and Green River sponsored by grocery outlet KF Eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez this weekend grocery outlet stock up on an all time favorite EKO waffles. £12 variety packs or just 99. Cents crispy, fluffy and delicious and at that amazing low price might even consider sharing them homeowners ready for some good news. With continued uncertainty in the world Interest rates continue to drop two near all time lows rate Plus, is now able to offer a rock bottom 15 year fixed at just 1.875%.

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