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Our news. The best of my crew list of the MIC broom Head show GR news 92 3 FM. Thanks so much for joining me. It is a Wednesday. We appreciate you spending some time with us talked with Dr Keira Christen this morning Department of Health Services here in the state of Arizona, and she broke the daily numbers and not good news for Arizona this morning. This morning, we're going to be reporting a record number of cases that were newly report. Did yesterday. We have 4878. New case is bringing up to 84,000 and 92 were also reporting Increased numbers of deaths today. Today will be reporting 88 new death. So when you break down the numbers with a number of tests versus the number of positive cases, you get 28% positive. We're now one and four approaching, one in three people being tested are testing positive for covert 19. That is not the right direction for those numbers to be going per capita. We're seeing huge numbers in other places in Arizona Huma County being one that is in big trouble with the highest second highest, third highest in the state, 2820 out of 100 per 100,000 Yuma County. We're seeing also down in Santa Cruz County in southeastern errors or south Central Arizona. They argue they are very high at 33 90. They're the highest now. Santa Cruz is a very small county, but they're seeing a huge outbreak in Santa Cruz County. We still see Navajo and Apache counties are very high up in northern Arizona. Where the you know across that part of the state from Coconino County, going east to Apache County. Is the stretch of the Navajo Nation. That's where a large part of those numbers come from. But when you look at what's happening in south south western in south central Arizona in Huma, and it jumps over Pema County and goes to Santa Cruz Ah, couple of really big hot spots there as well. And Maricopa County even for the high numbers. Still has a lower number than some of the other places in Arizona, which is surprising on the list of per capita Maricopa County Falls about 6th 5th or sixth or seventh on the list. Eso it is about in the middle. As faras cases per 100,000 the death rate is still low hospitalization rate is still at 6%. But it's it is obviously something that everyone is paying attention to as we move into the Fourth of July weekend, and we're talking with Dr Krista about that she is concerned wants people to stay out of big large groups. This is going to be a determining factor for all of us looking at this moving forward because This weekend. Are people going to heed the warnings? It is going to be very difficult to police and it's going to be even more difficult to necessarily enforce. It's the hope that people will Will be able to Just, I guess, show some self control. I talked to Dr Krista about the positive rates. Why Jim's were closed, and I asked her about regrets eyes there anything they wish they had done. Differently, In hindsight, not a criticism. Just looking back. Now we know this. We wish we could have done that. Here was a response. I think we have been using the information that we've had to make the best decisions for Arizonans. We're learning more about this virus every single day. One of the things I wish I would have known early on because it's unlike other diseases that we deal with in public health is how many asymptomatic or very, very mild symptoms. There are like people who are experiencing that because that Julie makes slowing the spreader stopping the spread very difficult. And the other part of that That's an interesting caveat in my mind is if so many people with this virus are asymptomatic. Then we're looking at something that how do we protect the people that are susceptible to the big dangers? That's the issue for me is if it's if there's so many people that are asymptomatic or so mildly symptomatic. We're taking drastic measures for everyone when there are a few people that are at the highest risk of serious outcomes. So I did ask you a question. I've not heard anybody asked. The people are shying away from these questions. I'm not trying and well, if you listen to the show, it's hard for me to defend myself because people are not going to pay attention to what I'm saying. But I have been a fierce defender of the protests. I thought the protesters had every right to do what they were doing. I thought the most protesters behave the way they were supposed to behave. But quite honestly, from the beginning of the protests at least the 1st 10 days in Arizona, we did not see many people wearing masks. Now. It increased over the next week or so. But not the 1st 10 days. Then no leader in Arizona was standing up and saying We should be doing a better job. You should be masking up. You look at the emphasis and what the governor is saying. Now that we didn't see restaurants and clubs and bars and those places being hammered. There was one citation issued in Scottsdale. To the riot house yesterday, there were multiple locations ofthe gyms. Specifically mountainside fitness is that were issued citations. It's just a weird enforcement. It's very, very strange. So I asked the doctor about protests. They were outdoors, which increases the ventilation, but they were close together, and not everyone was wearing masks. What we would recommend is anybody who has attended any mass gathering, if you know, Watch yourself for signs and symptoms of Kobe, so a fever, shortness of breath cough. CDC just added a couple of more Ah, a couple more symptoms that could be consistent with Cove it and that includes runny nose or congestion. Oh, and diarrhea. So what We want to make sure if you got any of those symptoms, you know, stay away from others and talk to your health care provider. So if you've attended any mass gathering as if it's.

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