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You. 509 left in the second score, not a one. See that? Wasn't a bad idea, and only because he tried to bank it off the boys in the buck rolled and went straight. But now we got another face, often your zone to the left of Vasi. Preachy and Sara Lee This is more of a 50. 50 and Johnson collects Tyler Johnson. Well, pop this in from beyond the red line with no ice. This time trying to catch the lining and change delivers that David Pasta Rockets center ice spins it in for the shift of pasta with preachy and brusque. Preachy and the right point of losing chernykh, But he couldn't clear it out. Pinching his group gets to it Left circle or ecru, please, to create you. Love Circle Crazy Under pressure. Feed fruit, CenterPoint shoots wide left pasta. Check my churn acting Yanni Gord spins it up the near side held in crude lightning struggling getting the fuck out. McAvoy, right point Right Circle. It's Craigie bins and high slot Torey Krug. Right corner. It's preachy Pasta. Doc was in a prime scoring area, but he couldn't handle the pocket. Johnson, who's still out there, lobs to the Boston and lighting still trying to get guys off the ice. Long change here in the second, McAvoy leaning and right circle should say vassal escape he holds on I was an extremely tough sequence for the Lightning, where they could not get guys off the ice after back to back casings,.

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