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I mean, the challenges like who left can be like, I was the mastermind, you know, if it was like war dog versus versus. I mean, obviously, I think Victoria was the mastermind is is the mastermind, but she's not like been driving vote. She's sort of dodging. Well, that's the thing. Like who? Who there could? I mean, maybe Lauren, I guess is what you're saying. But who there could say I Rick is a flashy player, but I have been controlling the strategy of the season as long as Rick has been playing idols. I don't think there's anyone left who can do that. But especially these last couple of votes have not been his design in any way, shape or form. And the jury is looking at him like, oh my God, Rick Devon's. But they also haven't been anyone person's any any person left's design, right? I mean, certainly like the Ron Clark decision was was that trio of Lauren Gavin and Victoria. But before that, you know, it was right? You know, who who was responsible for taking dog? And then we're dog before that or was responsible for taking out Wentworth. Was for taking David. So it really felt like, you know, feels like it would be tough for any person that is left in the game to make the case that they had this giant like amount of control over the whole season. Do you think that the skill set of what makes a survivor winner has changed where is the strategy less important than the showmanship? Well, it certainly seems like showmanship and itl hunting is such are such important skills at this point. You know, it's it's not I think people cynically say it's no longer game of social strategy at all I think that's partially because of the TV show we see right? Like, those those long hours of social strategy. Just never never really translate to a tightly edited show by I think, it's definitely less a game of social strategy than it was certainly when when you played back on the dark ages, and even the my first time when I played it was much more game of social politics sort of advantages. We're much I would say like it's fifty fifty now fifty fifty percent a game social strategy and fifty game scavenger hunt on an island. Okay. Let's just like. Listen, that's not me criticizing. I love the scavenger hunt on an island as I think it would be super frustrating to play against. But it's great. It's great fun to watch. Yes. And you love looking for idols. I'm not good at looking for. Okay. Let's bring in from Wyatt is the person who finally orchestrates Devon's getting voted out win the game by all is the person. That's funny that pelt of the I took out Rick Devon's. That's a great point. And that's probably be certainly be a really compelling case. It's like this is my signature the signature move of the post game was Mirus was mine. Yes. And should Lauren. Be able to say I was the only one that was able to vote Rick Devon's in this game. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Because she she actually succeeded. We're where everyone else's failed. It's like the nights, Rick Devon's. It's the night's watch. Like, we kill John snow. Yeah. That would be interesting. If the two of them where they were both in the final three if she would be able..

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