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Deal Oprah Twenty twenty and we've partnered with Venezuela half off while supplies last so let's get shopping magazines. I friend Adam glassman warning hot out of Art January issue. And if you'd like to start your day with the perfect piece of toast yeah. This is ingenious brand new from revolution cooking. This has reinvented the toaster. It's smarter it is hastier you go on here is touch screen. You can choose a contest. You want from the Bagel to read English muffin. Even a pop tart. I put frozen pieces right in ingenious and there are seven different shades of toast light to dark totally even even browns. Everything evenly just like that fact. It's perfection the toaster hasn't been remodeled in a hundred years. These people remodel the toaster. Everyone needs it is ingenious. bryce normally three hundred dollars value fifty dollars plus free shipping genius. Yeah he's great lunch bags. They looked like hers and when they're not their lunch bags it's a new year all healthy work. It's totally great. Nice big holds a lot nicely insulated so keeps things cool and warm throughout the day and it looks like a nice disperse colors Korcula company that we really can count on. Good good really ingenious the personal forty dollars today. It's going to be twenty dollars for for saving fifty. This may look like a cell phone but isn't it discreet. Pillbox some poor in all those just look how beautiful is is seven days a week. Put All your supplements in your your vitamins. Your pills not your grandmother's Barris. The carry us. This one is released leak. It's like this one two three discrete night's stay with it really good even. There's a mirror in its you can touch. I like that. I really smart art beautiful colors normally twenty dollars today. They're going to be ten dollars. Fifty percent okay. No longer do you need need to fumble for your keys and lose them hers low venture look at this that's made of silicone and leather beautiful colors. You could find in your purse but also in this you go and free so if you don't WanNa carry a purse you just wear does abrasive. It's really ingenious. If you have the newest iphone they also have optional cases on it really beautiful..

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