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Here we are paving the way point of the spear. Whatever you want to call it. Our show on Fox last Sunday will run again on Fox either Saturday or Sunday. I'm trying to get confirmation of which day And those of you who didn't watch that I would strongly encourage you to watch it. Those of you who did you might want to watch it again. Because it has triggered all this interest now in this subject, where the Corona virus came from. That's not to say some people weren't raising it. Some people weren't concerned about it. But it was the most thorough going discussion. Somebody who had expertly investigated it for a full year. On television. That's the nature of a long form interview program. The gentleman that I interviewed. It's not a right winger, not a left winger, not in any winger. He has a real pedigree. When it comes to science, he woz. The senior editor. With the science pages of The New York Times. And he agreed. It was shocking. How incurious the media where And he stated emphatically. And after a year researching the subject. There's not a single sliver of evidence. At this Corona virus. Woz from animals of any kind. That there was a jump. From that or other animals to human beings, not any evidence whatsoever. And I challenge any media organization at that. Push that propaganda, which is all of them. I challenge any of them to present their evidence. Maggie have women at The New York Times. Where's the evidence? Philip Bump at the Washington Post. Where's the evidence? The AP, Reuters. Facebook Twitter. Google. Where's the evidence? There's no evidence whatsoever. And then they say, Well, where's your evidence? And it came from a lab. Well, let's see. Lab actually did a whole lot of research. On making the corona viruses multiple corona virus is lethal to human beings. The lab did not use a Category four. Safety protocol used a Category two next to the lowest the same kind of category that you see in a dentist's office. And, of course, the Wall Street Journal ist Sense reported that Three of the Stanford is working at that lab got sick. Scientists have disappeared. Gee, I wonder why that is. The Communist Chinese won't let anybody Anywhere near the data. That we have something called circumstantial. This is more than circumstantial evidence. I would bet this house That this came from the lab. Cause there's no evidence Then it came from animals to humans. That is propaganda from the Communist Chinese Rick URGENT. Aided by elements of our own government, they call them experts. A cover up. One of the organizations that received the Grand in New York. And which in turn passed through money to the lab in Wuhan. Just so happens the Wuhan lab where this virus broke out. Is creating these viruses. Now This is way too complicated for the New York Times and the Washington Post way too complicated for the conga line of students and frauds. Over there. It's CNN and MSNBC way way over the head of our great news networks and the Today show, Good Morning America and whatever the crap shows called on CBS. Oh, You must be a conspiracy theorist, a denial. This is the modern media today. The Sunday show launched this intense interest that did it been bouncing around here in there. It's the same sort of thing I want to do with the book, American Marxism, and we all pull it together. It's number nine on Amazon right down. Fortunately, And that is to pull the all these pieces together. Disparate pieces, not desperate, disparate pieces. Things are happening a little over here in a little over there, make sense out of them and then target. Activism. I've got a lot to get to today. Also, two guests have had more guests this week's and I've had months and months and months, but We do We need to inflexible here. I want to discuss this 100 by historian, some detail, and then I want to discuss another major story that nobody's discussing. I don't believe We're going to have the person who broke this story in the New York Post on this program. What time Mr had 7 20? And so let me lay the foundation as we say his lawyers or his construction workers. In the New York Post. Another near post Remember, initially broke the story about 100 Bine. And they were censured. My big media and they check In order to protect your Biden. Joe Biden is corrupt. Abiding family is corrupt. They're out there trying to create a craze against Donald Trump, a multi billionaire by God knows how many investments and so forth. Biden is corrupt. Miranda Divine Writing in the near post Hunter Biden Broad Vice President Joe to dinner was shady business partners. Joe Biden lie going. The debates. He lied during the run up to the election. The media lied on his behalf. The media covered up on his behalf even now. He stole the intelligence agencies 90 days to find out what happened that Corona virus. Well, he killed the investigation that was taking place by the prior administration. He killed it in March. Cause he was in full cover up mode on behalf of the communist Chinese. Look, folks. No, I'm not a journalist. But then again, the journalists are journalists. I just have Some level of intelligence and I pulled things together. It's simple like we did back in March, 2017 and I said that The president had.

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