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Features were a steady following in all time high on Wall Street yesterday as traders evaluated the resilience of the global recovery to a record spike of coronavirus cases that we've seen around the world Japan's topics climbed over 1% South Korea's Cosby added 7 tenths of a percent the MSCI Asia Pacific is also higher nearly 8 tenths of a percent U.S. features fluctuated following the S&P 500 sixteen 90 close at an all time high this year S&P 500 features are lower That's one tenth of a percent NASDAQ futures are also flat Now we're going to have a look in Europe because the markets have just opened here So the Europe stock 600 Now that's opened one tenth of a percent higher The Dax's flat and the cac is also flat and will bring you more on those markets as they do open this morning quick check on the currencies Bloomberg dollar sport index study steady in the commodity space WTI crude oil is a flat so bring you more on that data and it's 8 o'clock so those markets right here in Europe are opening Now on to some of today's top stories and let's start right here in the UK where Boris Johnson has tweeted to confirm there will be no new coronavirus restrictions in England before the new year despite a rapid spread of the variant The prime ministers also edging everyone to continue to act cautiously and of course to get vaccinated Yes they are health secretary satur Javad announced England would not be following the other UK nations and introducing new measures though he says we're not quite out of the Woods just yet People.

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