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She knew John Chuck Stevenson, President Trump would like it special counsel Russia investigation. Final report when it comes out says a frequent and high profile defender of President Trump Harvard law professor and defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, I think the report is going to be devastating to the president. And I know that the president's team is already working on a response to the report or she was on ABC's this week Dershowitz saying that while he thinks Robert Muller's report will have a strong political impact. It's unlikely to result in criminal charges. President Trump has submitted answers to written questions from Muller's team associated political operative Roger stone, telling ABC news, he's negotiating a plea deal with special counsel, Robert Muller, Dr Jerome Corsi. A federal judge has rejected last-ditch efforts by former Trump aide George popadopoulos to avoid prison. He's scheduled to report to a federal prison in Wisconsin tomorrow for a two week sentence. Hundreds of flight delays and cancellations right now affecting millions trying. To get home from thanksgiving weekend. Snow hitting the central plains headed to the Great Lakes at Kansas City international airport. This father's flight home with his family canceled. We're headed back home to Santa Fe and our flight was canceled. And so I told the girls we're trying to make lemonade at a lemons today and have a chance to play cards and and catch up on some time just together. Six point three magnitude earthquake reported in the past hour in Iran. Iraq border by European seismologists? History scheduled to be made on the red planet. Tomorrow says ABC's Clayton Sandell a mission to Mars that blasted off two hundred four days ago. The first spacecraft to look inside Mars for clues about how our solar system formed a few weeks after landing a robotic arm will deploy instruments to measure Mars quakes and meteor strikes and heat sensors that scientists hope will not only unlock mysteries about the Martian interior. But about whether our celestial neighbor once harboured light, you're listening to ABC news..

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