Montreal, Stuart Sternberg, Stephen Bronfman discussed on Sean Hannity


Two nine zero b._j. west tampa good afternoon i'm dana villes our top story at five a canadian businessman who wants to bring major league baseball back to montreal says he's ready to work with race owner stuart sternberg to do what it takes to bring the team to his city part time stephen bronfman says the split season arrangement would be good for both cities and should be an easy sell in montreal people are passionate and they love their sport and i think we're offering a potential of having a wonderful sport here in town during our our great summers and i think it's only a glass half full i think it's a great opportunity the expos left after the twenty two thousand four season when the franchise moved to washington d._c. at his news conference in saint pete yesterday race owner stuart sternberg said braman had asked about relocation years ago and sternberg said he immediately shot that down along with any talk of a potential sale while raise top management is all in on the proposal to split the season many fans are not like this man in his raise jersey who shouted traitors during sternberg announcement in saint pete yesterday and he's not the only one who wants to see the raise in tampa bay for the entire season at a signing ceremony for a veterans bill at u._s._f. today governor to santa said the plan to split the season doesn't make sense they're producing a good product with all the all the obstacles that they have being a tough division you know not having as much money as some you know they've been able to to produce some good talent.

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