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Out of steering ahead to the coq six hundred which which David Parker talked-about, but drivers may be maximizing their moment? Well, I think you know you heard about Alex Bowman. He is on a hot streak right here, but I go back to last week's open. Right. We had Bubba Wallace William buyer, two guys that we haven't seen at the front of some of these feels the beauty of the all-star as the field get split and they both had a moment. Right. William barring winning the stage move forward bubbles. Have that not just a women emotional? When you could see the weight on his shoulders. So why don't say their favorites for the Coca Cola six hundred? We saw Jeff Gordon get his first ever win there. We saw Casey Mears win there. We've seen the three cargo back to victory lane with Austin Dillon that race much like Indianapolis and five hundred miles Indy-Car guys, is very hard to predict six hundred miles at Charlotte makes I don't know what it is about one hundred miles. It shouldn't be that much extra AJ, you know, for me in the car, one hundred miles can make all the difference. We have seen. So I won't say odd winters but maybe some people that weren't favorites heading into the race and the victory lane. It matters extra hundred miles right Dale? I mean it definitely seems like it in your right? It just it seems like whether that racism fuel strategy, race or just, you know, we talk about the five hundred odd things happen in that race to not as much now, a stage racing because it does break it up a little bit. But you look at who was quickest and practice Daniel Hamry. I know different package, but he was really fast last week in the open really probably had the car to be it'd been interesting to see if he got in to the all star race, if they would carry that speed over. So we've seen those are CR cars be fast by themselves. Can they carry that over into a racing elation and go out there for six hundred miles, and you talk about surprise winners of that Casey Mears Daniel hammer cost would be that type of guy. I'm also going to be looking for these guys and how they hold up for six hundred miles. We solved any handling get out of the car after Dover, and he wasn't feeling very well. And there's the hot corner speeds the g force it's gonna get faster as the race goes on. Because it falls into. Tonight and the track cools down. These guys are gonna have to be dealing with the intense heat. We're gonna have on that race day. This is really going to put the drivers to test longer wide open. Throttle run wide open that car is gonna be way warmer. And that's the thing really to at Charlotte. I mean that line at some point, whether it's early in the race or late in the race it's gonna move up to the wall. And and we've seen it you just with these race cars right now. It seems like you hit the wall just a little bit. It kills the arrow so six hundred miles, whether it's physical or mental fatigue really plays in especially the last couple of hundred miles really, if you're running the top as well, because it's, it's tough that wasn't. That wasn't my thing. More DALE'S thing, it wasn't my thing. So last week at Charlotte. It was tempers this weekend, it could be temperature that becomes the biggest storyline back here in Indianapolis Motor Speedway again, media day before the Indianapolis five hundred today Indies own Ed carpenter. He grew up in the shadow of this city looks to contend for the win on Sunday. He's not the only great local story. We'll explain. Welcome back to the motorsports. Our here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Three days away from the greatest spectacle in racing over one hundred names and faces on the board Warner trophy. Would you like fun fact? Did you know one of those names is misspelled to continue? Our coverage all weekend to know. Go I wanna know. L. You have to stick with us all weekend to find out every driver wants to be on the trophy, no one more so than Ed carpenter. Ed spoke with Kelly, stab stabber, today's media day event, as a member of the home. George family that owns Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Indy five hundred courses through his blood perhaps, no one feels as at home here, Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Then the hometown hero himself, Ed carpenter, Ed being such an integral.

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