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Strengthen the multilateral trading system with the wto oh at its centre it's important that we continue to believe in this system at its rules as they are a guarantee of predictability for global trade flows and further growth a citizen as of of a bazookas nikki stone is due to go on trial in turkey today charged with killing thirty nine people in a gun and grenade attack on a nightclub in istanbul last new year's day the authorities say abdul qadeer mush bureau of confessed to the massacre after he was arrested seventeen days later if convicted he faces forty life sentences thirty nine of them for each of his victims another fifty six suspects are expected to be tried with him india's opposition congress party will officially name rahul of gandhi as its new leader today mr gandhi is 47 and will succeed his mother sonia as party president bbc news hello and welcome to newsday from the bbc world service does pohlad ample organs with you this also out horse on the john sutcliffe who will be on the run fascinating report about camera surveillance and face recognition in china john goes around in a city of four million people and tries to avoid the gaze of the security state also indian politics on the way bitcoin in business and online safety will that coming up here on tuesday but we begin impresses the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is there for breakfast is the first time in twenty two years that such a visit has taken place now the rumbling complaints in the background that he's rather invited himself to have breakfast with the eu's foreign ministers he got one invite from lithuania and then announced his trip in israel's parliament.

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