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Released photos of the suspect yesterday morning and they both turned themselves into police At 6 18 Back over to Jack now in the traffic center Flow traffic in Virginia with our work zone 66 headed west at the beltway the right lane is getting by then we've got the broca de crash that 66 west before nutley in the far right lane We had a couple issues on 95 northbound after Quantico the wreck has the left lane blocked one facing the wrong direction 95 south near the Dale City rest areas the truck scales you're gonna find one spun out facing the wrong way along the left side of the roadway We're looking good on the beltway itself between Alexandria and McLean for now The end of the valley near route 7 We'd have reports of Iraq You're definitely approaching at speed unclear if it's already out of the roadway or if it's along the left or right side In Maryland we're a little slower Topside adder loop New Hampshire toward Georgia no complaints yet two 70 south headed south out of Frederick down toward the lane divide The BW Parkway inside the beltway southbound near four 50 that was a reported crash It's an overturned truck blocking the ramp in parole 50 west to get on to aris T Allen boulevard Up in lanham eastbound four 50 near the beltway there we'd had word of a crash The inner loop in college park the ram to go north on route one one had been broken down along the right side and the broken down tractor trailer almost on the shoulder It's on the outer loop of the belly before Carter rock the through lanes of the beltway as you leave river road toward the bridge or good but if you're going to take exit 41 just be aware kind of sticking out there along the far right side of the roadway Headed into the district a little slowing now I two 95 north approaching the ramp to go in on the 11th on the brakes D.C. two 95 southbound around burrows avenue headed toward east capitol street Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or visit home paramount dot com Jack Taylor TOP traffic Mike still heard we've got some rain in the mix this morning We've got some thunderstorms too some heavy storms from a NASA southward to around mooresville and these storms are approaching culpeper and warrenton So.

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