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In the NFL Pro Bowler TJ Hirschman Zodda foxsports NFL analyst also works out with a lot of these guys knows his stuff. You know. I'm looking at this stuff and I'm looking at. All these players you've worked out just in Herbert. Let's let's let's re address this. You've worked out with Justin Herbert you like him a lot, right? Physically if. I've never seen before you. He's big. In his arm is just unbelievable. You would have to see. You can't even put it like I played. I've been around all the best quarterback I've never seen anybody physically. Throw the ball like he does nobody Joe Berle. You worked out with him. Yeah. What do you think? I like Joe Joe is a super confident. and. What really sold me was the last couple of weeks it was raining almost every day. I don't think he'd do one bad ball and rain. Everything was on the money, and so joe is on. Be a really good quarterback. Just temperament is confident and it shocked me in the rain. Everything was on the money. Would you make it to as tape and his pro day on film? So, what physically a talented player just the injury history! I'm any tower. Hetty not been hurt. Shinjo borough would have pretty much been fighting for that number one spot, and they probably still are I thought it was impressive considering. just having surgery when he did coming back from a hip injury. Putting network into a super super super talented is just a matter of is his body got hold up. Our pro as overrated. Fro Days are holding rated in okay. I'll give analogy. and. We'll just talk quarterbacks for distance. If, we have a final final exam college professor. Let us take the test through to four times we should. scorning on that final, and so that's what's going on especially with quarterback is. They practiced this pro day time and time and time again with the same guys that are going to be running around so when it's time for the product. They're going to perform well because they already practice. They've already taken big Zam before actually taking the exam, and so it's rehearsed. Georgia palm would have run. JOE's product Trent would've run in had ran to as pro day, John Belk and those guys they did run Justin Herbert's pro day and so. You're you're taking exam for to actually down? What was your day like? Pro Day was a number one. It was it was different. At Time Oregon State. We didn't have an indoor facility, so we went. Outside ran the forty. It was freezing cold. went back inside that the jumps and that was it no routes in so myself Chad and a couple of other receivers. We went up to US's pro day. they wouldn't let us work. Also the coaches. We went down to Dorsey High School. Reject the field in the roster. They all came down here. How about that? The receiver just on film and I think there's a bunch of good ones. But when I look at Gerry, judy an icy, his explosiveness, his first four five steps. It doesn't even look. He's pulling away from lsu defenders from Georgia guys from Auburn Guys I look at him and I think he's so much better than everybody else. What do you see having played the position for a decade and pro football. It's not a millette people in on a secret, not seeing any some some, though this some good trainers. Judy number one was she was fortunate. He's trained with some guys that know what they're doing down there for it I will say that he's the guy he's trained with. Those trainers really know what they're doing. The key to plan receiver is not as I four steps is his ability to decelerate his ability to stop and put his foot and ground. She does that better than ninety percent of the guys in the NFL now. Like his ability to stop. Is. Unbelievable, he could be celebrate. He can stop with the best of them, and that's why he creates so much separation. Is there another receiver. Let's take Michael Pittman. At USC not a burner I told somebody I a GM on the East Coast Call Me, today. Any he said WHO's your most underrated player in the draft? We were just joking around and I said you're gonNA think I'm a homework, because I live in L. A. I said I think Mike I watched Michael. Pitman's Dad, he was tough as a five dollar steak and I said Pittman. Tough kid, he walked onto US's a true freshman, and was a great play making special teams guy. He's gotten better every year at USC. USC Several Years has had great coaching. Take Michael USC. What you? He's not a burner. What do you see? Man so I guess I could be called a homer to I'm privy to Michael. Pittman because I just happen to be working with. Talent is exactly what man. Pittman is a worker. When I tell you the worker, he could have one leg and he'll call you and be like. Go workout like he got a root canal. In the morning and we worked out two hours after. A root canal, and now what is prize for people like underrated Pittman can decelerate. He's big. He's tough. Pittman is going to play ten years in a league because he can do what I just said about Judy. She can decelerate if you can decelerating create separation. You'RE GONNA. Play in the NFL that's it's about it's not about how fast you are. Can you stop? Can you stop like a Ferrari or you? Stop like a car when they screech goes. If they make that much noise when they stop not going to be successful, you need to.

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