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That was the news with gene grad was. I got one more. Uh spot to do here. And i can't fuck and find it. How are we Yes pro flowers. Oh they got the Little miniature santa's workshop christmas tree. I just watered mine. I just i. It's a real tree. You can decorate it. Comes with the mini tree. Lights comes with a little wooden colorful. Little tree. Lights comes a little wooden ornaments. Kind of nice. Cheer up the place. You know what you have cubicle at work you've got small apartment went a little Festivity go ahead and let me tell you this it's real. It's you know people do that. Thing all the time and they go Oh i got the. I got the fake. Trie looks real. They got they got it down now. I got the fake trade. It's like well why victory. Hey you don't have the hassle having a set up the tree and you know. I mean you know go down to the church and get the thing and go down the home depot strapped to the roof for the cherokee in. It's a lot easier than you know. Three weeks later thing dies. The pintails ever. It's not a hassle. It's not such a hassle. And i think the myself. It's all a hassle by the way you want. Avoid the hassle kill yourself. Let's ultimate hassle. Don meredith being hassled right now. Now he's living hassle-free has given has but the point is like stringing. Christmas lights up on the face of your house is astle cooking a turkey or a ham a hassle. Baking a pie. Hey you could just. I wanna get a frozen pie from costco or something. Yeah it's a hassle but that's kind of the point the holidays it's a little bit of a hassle but you know what it smells like fresh pine when you walk into the house. Like stringing popcorn on a needle and thread hasselt decorating the tree hassle wrapping gifts hassle. Why don't you just put it in a shopping bag. Give it to the kids love flowers. Oh yeah so all the goddamn hassle everybody. But that's the point. All right gina.

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