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We told you that the country artists that are females seem to struggle getting air time on radio across the country and we felt this argument before and then of course there was the CMA's where they kind of got so that they did this whole tribute to women and they had three female hosts at the end no awards we got women that year even though merit Morris what was up for Albert your for the Grammys and everything cell it's kind of a it's kind of a not so secret secret debt with female artist can I have a hard time getting your plan country radio these days and they ask a female artist using country they'll tell you that it's not that big of a secret anyways the secret kind of came out of the box this week when a Michigan I will admit I could give their colors at a Saginaw Michigan country radio station was on Twitter responding to a complaint about lack of women on their generation and this was what they actually put out they said we cannot play to females back to back not even lady antebellum or or little big town against another female I applaud their courage pop audiences are more welcoming and for giving of their female singers I kinda like that but the country audience not so much they accepted Taylor because their daughters loved her well fans heard about this and started replying retweeting ranting and then it got to the eyes of the country music stars Casey must graves responded this smells like white male bald poop and why a long ago I decided that they can't stop me Kelsea Ballerini Ballerini excuse me read the tweet and see wrote in all capitals Alexa play Kerry Maranda Casey Carly Merrin Ingrid lord all in a row or something okay so I guess and every excision is different you know all I know for here and zero four not so much in the morning because we at chop up the morning with the E. on the Z. and these little stories of like that over the right regular day we always try to provide you the and the rule is kinda like in fifteen minute windows do you could hear everything we play right that's the rule if it every fifteen minutes are we giving you a little sample of everything I mean not only giving you Liz but are we giving you the Jonas brothers are we giving you panic at the disco and then are we going back and give you something like tones and I would dance monkey are we giving you a good variety within a fifteen minute window who we are within fifteen yeah you should know everything about us within fifteen minute windows that's kinda a decent rule for programming radio station by looks like with country and this doesn't speak for all country stations well this sure seems that way I think that person a tweet I got fired I don't know because they're not a big station and they're not like a part of their certainly not to one of our station right and I don't know I don't know just by would never have put that out yeah well me and that was a bad mistake yes the next time you hear a **** female country artists complain about hell it's tough for us to get air play or we are we're we're prejudiced against and also they're not they're not whining about it and they're not lying this is real they are it's a very real bias out there against country female country artist though well we come back next we got a thousand dollars up for grabs with Instagram our first Super Bowl commercials are starting to leak and it will tell you everything we know about which is NBC's streaming device well streaming app and we'll tell you what we know by which is a lot when we come back the third annual Hampton Roads U. N. C. F..

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