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And and and caught up on what the what's all this is brouhaha about star trek god i am i glad i did how did watching the shows inform what you went and i remember the appreciation i had for that fabulous triumvirate of kirk spock and bones the combination of how they took their work and their jobs seriously and yet they still took the pissed out of each other as as characters i'd we strove for all seven years at all four movies too to find some version of that patrick and brent deny in lavarra all of us in different combinations always had that goal to to find that magic right do you retain a piece of star trek memorabilia or ephemera from the making of the original nextgeneration series i may or may not have a couple of space suits in my closet and may be a phaser your unwilling to confirm or deny plausible deniability at i'd have to kill you if i told you the truth okay so um this is a totally side question but do you have a memory of a of a movie or television shows sciencefiction oriented or fantasy that that captured your imagination as a kid a do remembered it wasn't as a kid but i do remember when i went to see two thousand one space odyssey and that uh that was cut of a pivotal film a moment here was at one for you as well it was my my first big one is star wars i mean i was i was the perfect data was ten years old when star wars came i've heard of that franchise are there is science fiction franchises that you get really excited about or stuff that you've seen over the last few years that's blown your mind i certainly had my mind blown by westworld i was surprised actually near the end of the season as to who was who and how things work that that was exciting to be surprised were you as science fiction fan of from your youth just the opposite i read biographies and i used to read her still do i like go mike updike achiever and that kind of literature i add my father was an english professor so he sort of frowned on comic books so the irony of of becoming um while bill reicher on star trek is not lost on me.

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