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There goes today head as high as far is home run just inside the bowl down the left field line send me a homeless man the a stake of seven to days tacked on another any to win over the Yankees Johnston on the car radio on the fan jurickson Profar Homer drove in three sets brown at three eighteen Oct in three well she sees about the alleged to run over three before to exit discomfort in his right knee again we'll see where we are tomorrow I think you know he's got to get a trained and then we'll see CL responsible to course actions Aaron Boone on yes look boy back off the injured list finished two for four is your shows the latest go to the injured list that that that due to a string grind servers assumes afternoon during our modern Homer failure pitching matchup the pre games here on the fan at twelve twenty five scoreboard red Sox have something cooking here in the fourteenth inning is there still tied with the angels at six but they have runners on first and second with nobody out finals raise blank the Indians for nothing asters raise the blue jays seven for twins overwhelm the Tigers thirteen five Rangers down the mariners six three Orioles one bar the Royals fourteen to back at the end of the call drop the brewer seven one nationals about the marlin seven six hi rich nine Rockies for giants rather Padres a three D. back to to the Dodgers five for the Braves turns out the white Sox ten seven nearly play chords report angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs Judy died of an accidental overdose on drugs and alcohol that back on July first meanwhile former and current Long Island ducks manager Wally Backman arrested a harassment criminal mischief charges after he allegedly shot his girlfriend into a wall and stopped her from calling authorities judge trimming their roster Drucker's off on the right foot in plenty U. S. open action which I call that next the BFA in twenty four they said.

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