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A stronger storm just a little north of commerce in just a little east of wolf sitting what's their mascot I think it's like the coyotes or something like that right now it's ninety seven degrees in Addison ninety four Ian McKinney and ninety six ad KRLD the station North Texas counts on for news traffic and weather news radio ten eighty KRLD AMNH KRLD FM HD to Dallas fort worth six o'clock times to the Phillies with John little lye heat advisory in effect for the next couple of days we'll have more details coming up with traffic and weather together at six await but first it's time now for the CBS evening news the CBS evening with Norah o'donnell good evening now tonight as we come on the year we've learned some disturbing information about what's happening in America the F. B. I. now has opened investigations in all three recent mass shootings as there is growing concern that violent extremism is a top domestic terrorism threat today the FBI said it was opening a domestic terrorism case in Gilroy California in addition to the massacre in el Paso Texas and now the FBI says the Dayton Ohio gunman was obsessed with mass shootings and wanted to commit one national correspondent dean Reynolds leads off our coverage tonight the investigation of the Sunday morning massacre has given authorities the picture of a dangerous young man with a lust for bloodshed materials.

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