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Sorry bad? Dj Joke is what it does. Yeah Darren is well he gets enough practice limbaugh would he just needs to drop it down a little bit slow down. I mean I know exactly what would I mean? He's he's already got to the tones. He's got the total qualities he just needed and he has to say stuff like Ditto heads. Does that megadose does that even anymore. But Darren on your thank you very much and I have to say in the morning to our trolls there in the in the troll room. There's over nine thousand. Nine hundred of them did a quick troll. Count to thank you all for showing up in for showing your enthusiasm and helping and weighing in with your comments which are often not suitable for air. But we do appreciate it. No Agenda Stream Dot com is where all of that partying takes place. We do. The show live on Thursdays and Sundays. The welcome to go in there. Listen live troll around. Chat around there are people who stay logged in for months on end never leave is just part of their life has no no agenda stream dot com and also when you're there hit someone up for an invite for no agenda. Social DOT com. It is our little node on the Federated Social Network the future of social networking. And we're there nice and early getting on the ground floor. Just follow me adamant no agenda. Social DOT COM and John CD is it. Johnson Borka to NOGENT SOCIAL DOT com. Set your thinks. Think so. I don't know you do log in. I don't know because I logged in. I understand exactly then. I'd like to say in the morning to the artists who brought us the artwork for episode number where we one thousand two hundred forty two. Now let me bring up our little show notes page here this art while the title of the show was smoking hot. This art done by Nick. The rat really moved people's emotions. And when does that it's genius? He had the handcuffs the two arms of the handcuffs. And the mask in the middle of the handcuffs. As if you're being shackled by the mask it was a dynamite piece. I there was no question. I think that this and people responded to it. It was an excellent Pieces symbolic art and we had. There was a lot of pieces a lot. A lot of pieces for some reason like a lot and I would say a special commendation to comic blogger who did his rendition of the National Black Journalists Association recall. It's a he all. Yes if you WANNA see it go. Look at. This does these. Everyone's interested appreciate. It did it because he knew that. No way of getting this picked but a man. It certainly gave me joy so thank you for that. Be above all thank you nick. The rat when it comes in and does it. He does it right. No Agenda Art Generator Dot Com. Please go have a look at all of the fantastic different submissions. And if you want to you can join into. It's tough because artists have stuff done by the end of the show. We pick the art probably about fifty minutes after we're done after cleaning up the opening and the closing of the show and doing the credits were right into that. So it's an amazing thing that they do fantastic value for the show as one of the few podcast anywhere in the world. That has fresh album art for every episode. No Agenda Generator Com. Thank you know agenda. Art Generator Dot Com. Thank you nick. Time Code now for that got it. We do have few people twelve forty three. And I'm GonNa have you read because you read part of this not already and you know where you read where you didn't read. This is from Sir. Markelle an dame Astra Duke and Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands of the Japanese see and they came up with thirty three dollars and thirty cents and with a whole bunch of Nice pictures of themselves their staff. They are wearing masks and bragging. A ball yes dear John Adam. Thank you for your courage. The last few months of your virus deconstruction has been the best. I want to give an update from the frontline here in Japan. We have dodged the bullet so far and have only seven hundred and thirty nine deaths for a population of over one hundred and twenty six million. That's five point. Eight deaths per million compared that to the US with two hundred sixty seven deaths per million of course that includes people who drink themselves to death and the UK with five hundred eleven deaths per million which is definitely people who drink themselves to death. Japan is an incredible one hundred times less than the UK that I'm curious. They must be. I bet you. The Japanese are accurate with their diagnosis death. The cause of death duty think I would agree with. Japanese are known for precision and everything not everything has to have a stamp and approval. So that's such a good car. The ones made is it. Is that why the Lexus car? That it it's one of the reasons. Okay now back to masks. And he says we've been doing it right. Yeah masks work. The whole country whereas for flu season every year especially in the most crowded mass transit system in the world. You wear them so you don't give your cold to others and people have been doing this for years and it's no big deal. No stigma attached. It's also meant that we had. Oh It's also important that we had more stock. Yes several billions of them. There was just enough to go round. Mass usage went up with code but it also meant that it was the weakest flu season over ten years and we went through the hotels that he spoke about contact. Tracing is big here not electric. Just lots of LEGWORK. All the resources have been put on that end on put on that and on phones in mass transit. I'm sorry and on tracking Cova clusters we might have been lucky getting a weaker strain but it helps not having to shake hands just bow. No huggy Kissy greetings. No talking on phones and mass transit hand sanitizer almost everywhere high adoption of touch. Louis Eletronic payment systems as well as Bernard Cards. Finally the healthcare system here has a low barrier to entry. My kids go go to the local doctors themselves. Just take their national health card. Mom might rock up later very much. Neighborhood policing system. It's a very sophisticated Disciplined Society which has a lot of downsides to the kids. Get a feeling for what's going on. It's by no means perfect. The prevention testing measures can be seen as flawed. The reporting flawed Japan is flawed. But all the micro actions combined make it a rather safe place to be right now. There's a lot to be learned from this fuzzy logic and staying calm remark and day master Duke and Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands in the Japan sea. Thank you so much for your courage and can't wait to see you guys. Japan hoped to go this year hoped to goes any flight. Delicious Fred Lybrand in Medfield Massachusetts knots. Three hundred and thirty three dollars direction of atom. I've sent three thirty three to produce the next episode. My last donation was episode. What twelve to to to Eh deducing in sprinkling of job would be appreciated. Medusa indeed douched my son flying at junior fly not junior. Yeah I've seen him around has a May twenty fifth birthday. He's got one does he. These under about on the birthday less. You might WANNA check. Y'All here's an update on what's going on with the medical p. p. e. it's ties to some of the. Kaley Mac net mcilhenny quotes. That are making the rounds. One of my manufacturing sites produces a layers used in ninety five surgical masks. Here's a part of what I think has been going on with the lockdown and how he played a role one eight one as the covert hit the US. We started summarizing more clearly. What we knew about the industry we guessed that the US would make about six million n ninety five masks per day and the government was supposed to have a stockpile of ninety million based on two thousand and two thousand four paper but when created. There was never more than eighty-five million at the start of the Ronin had about twelve million as an example. California's first request was for twenty million in late February. Hhs said ninety million was wrong. The correct number should have been at three hundred and thirty million seven days later. Hhs says the right number was really three point. Five billion as we've dealt with the military via the Defense Production Act. My guess is a demilitary and the rest of the. Us government did the same math and realized that the whole situation was hopelessly out of rack. Wait we can make. How many masks? That's not at this point. The nature with the nature of the disease being very unclear the best option was to simply shut things down and give the supply chain time to get caught up masks and P P will be part of the national the meanwhile you can trump over this of course of course. Mpp National Defense Strategy. Going forward is hoping that the rumored bill that is a version of the Berry amendment for medical supplies is past to Berry. Amendment is the legislation that requires the military to buy certain items from producers in the continental. Us Kaley McNamee McNamee. A had a great quote in the recent freezing. Furthermore what Crimson? Contagion brought us in that. President trump was right all along about misguided economic and trade policies. That left America vulnerable to pandemics will not too vulnerable to pandemic but vulnerable due to a pandemic..

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