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You had to of wind and climbed the ranks to go there when you think about cleveland in the rust belt the mid west that kinda plays where they're josh bro you have to do with the number one high school recruit at the position number two overall five star recruit he'd been anointed the chosen one since he was fourteen fifteen sixteen at saint john bosco so he is probably a better fit in a team like new york giants the jets metropolitan area because from a family of ivy leaguers he is a guy that had the worldly perspective that a metropolitan area would appreciate and so i think he was really doing josh rosen a solid by saying look i think sammy would be a better fit here and josh will be a better fit in new york but both are going to be really good players but when you coached one of the guys you don't say that your guy is the best people take on board with that but i didn't think anything of it i thought he was actually right in the way that he broke it down in can't say i i could not agree with you anymore i mean hundred percent that's exactly what that was one last thing when there was a report last week to dez bryant bucky is working with a route guru to work on his technique and route running when you use something like that i've got to ask you how much of that is on dez for being at this point in his career and needing to work on his routes but how much of that is on the coaching staff that they allowed him to get to this point where he needs to do that work both people are they both parties are responsible but there's ryan should be a pro and a pro you should always be working on your crap nuts just like anybody else working a job you always working to get better to be the best that you can be the fact that he's a nine year veteran he hasn't worked in the off season with anyone on becoming a better player a better route running that's on him we're really the cowboys also responsible because coaching requires you to be harder on your players to demand more from your players to demand them to be at.

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