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Well predator has a lot of huge fan base that's true they'll come out to craig's since the eighties so bright they haven't made a good partner movie i v correct correct absolutely so the second one was it glover i saw any does it really i don't see what's his name angeles in highest days la the predator drops in on a gang war and he's killing all these gang members good idea on paper yeah dairy danny glover those not kill he's to go up against fuck in this huge predator the best part of that movie is in towards the end it was one of the first ever easter egg s you see the alien hood in his who's you're right gary busey all the way close smells worth were scary nick nolte doing squats teeth pennywise from it or gary busey or or venom gary all those we're looking to the look up close those listen the man the man did have a fucking like traumatic head injury which is why he's a little fucked up right now but i it when he makes acronyms out of every word that was never an acronym on the spot a lows always bed guy and stuff right it's always the bad guy crazy guy he's amazing in the the where he plays the who's the musician and i just seized the music he learned how to play guitar to play fuck dangle on this one everyone screaming he and it's a really good movie.

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