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Make as much money as my dad. So i slowed down low. Don't sweat it that's right. We'll pressure like you make more than your dad. And can you probably make more than your dad right. I guess so. Yeah yeah right. I mean in in comparison to what write but not me not me. I slowed down a little. It was much easier life Alex michael since coming on right. Why why he comes on with us e every week. It's a great gig i know. And then he never promotes us on his show at all. it's wrong right. And so we just on him when he comes on and then we also the The chase over by ended. The rule is guys guys and gals. Who are out there. Running away from cops started six. We got four hours to fill alone. Here you've got to have the recalled axes the politics those chases we keep telling them to wait 'til yes. You guys have a lot of topics got done. So you gotta start those chases at six between six and ten is your primary chase our and then i guess hollywood traffic i mean not traverse hollywood airlines airlines are are doubly book from what they were last year but still a lot of people are canceling because fun delta and is it mu. That's mirus but it sounds like new. Sounds like w ce move. Yeah i got the new varian which one the new variant right. It sounds like who's on first. You know what's next the ding dong dong. let's go. oh that'd be great. That would sink for me to sit there and yelled ding dong all night and day with coach right there was a lady who email me today and she said she hates when i say ding dong i said sweetheart. Look you're going to have to find another station and pretty simple. I am not given that. I said look what are you. I gave her. Four other stations at you love. You're never going to hear a ding. No scott conway's next kfi hd two los angeles orange county live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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