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Council tom the united states is about to seize a thirty six story skyscraper in new york it will be the largest terrorism related civil forfeiture in us history it comes after a civil jury found that the irani an american charity that owns a majority stake in the manhattan skyscraper violated sanctions against iran the jury concluded that the alavi foundation ahead iran's role in control of the building the fifth avenue building is valued at more than half a billion dollars that government is seeking to turn over proceeds of a sale to holders of more than five billion dollars and terrorismrelated judgments against the government of iran san francisco city attorney has settled a lawsuit brought by an undocumented immigrants who was turned over to immigration agents by san francisco police as we hear from jim rupe the settlement will cost taxpayers one hundred ninety thousand dollars once approved by the board of supervisors pedro figaro is our santa walked into the police station the pickup his stolen car deportation warrant was found in a national database when police ran his name as is routinely done but what was not routine says the city attorney was a san francisco police officer notified ice and when figaro as i said a walked out of the police department ice agents were there to arrest him andrea guevara is not just a star on the hard wood for for the warriors he has invested in more than fifteen startups and has now reportedly putting together a late night tv show evenings with andrei will feature interviews with guests from technology sports and entertainment it's being shopped around a premium tv networks are streaming service has like networks.

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