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The voice of the Broncos Dave Logan joins us from Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Well, here we go. Dave, what kind of chance do you? Give the Broncos to pull off the morale. Oculus today. Well, Mike, we obviously you're going to find out here in a couple of hours is the Broncos on the road to face the Kansas City Chiefs, they face a team that has been extraordinarily hot offensively from the jump. I mean this team not only is six one. But the they are basically one of the top two teams in virtually every offensive categories. We walked meet Arrowhead stadium. Dave, logan. Rick Lewis Taylor Colombus with you. Rick. I'll start as you look at the chiefs offense and everything starts with Patrick Mahomes. This kid in his second season that of Texas Tech twenty two touchdown passes seven interceptions win will he or will he at all cool off? Well, you remember last time we played the chiefs. I was asking that same question. Like this guy can't play like this every single week. And you know, what even he's a little bit surprised in the heat? He's got a lot of confidence. And he knew that he was going to have a good year. But he's saying he didn't. Have any idea? It would be going this. Well for him. Seven games into the season is first season as the starting quarterback. So once again, Dave I go into the game here today saying he's gonna have a bad game one of these weeks. And I hope what happens today against the Denver Broncos. He's got to have a bad game. This is first year as a starting quarterback. He's not going to go the whole season and throw eighty touchdown pass. Do you wouldn't think? So, but he certainly is on a great pace in the first seven weeks. Tyler you look at this chiefs offense in great, great running back and Kareem hunt. Tyreek hill one of the fastest players in the league. Travis Kelsey, one of the best tight ends as you look at this in your mind. What makes the chiefs offense as good as they are? Oh boy. That's a great question. I it's a number of things I think you start with coaching Andy Reed's, a fantastic football coach he's been that way. For a long time. He started to innovate the game. Bring those college principals to end to the NFL with Alex Smith and now he's really set himself free. He's got a fantastic quarterback. I mean, I I would agree. Rick. You don't see runs like this very often? But boy, I don't see a whole lot of signs of slowing down for him. I hope you're right today. You know? But then you got that quarterback combined with the coaching and you've got the weapons. I mean. Goodness gracious. Do they have do they have weapons they got Sammy Watkins, they got tyreek hill Kareem hunt? Travis Kelsey, it's it's hard who do you pick? Who do you double up? You can only double up on guy. You can't double up all of them. And then I think Travis Kelsey is the guy that really makes it work for Patrick Mahomes. He is by far his favorite target. He loved to go to him. He's kind of the relief valve, but he's more than relief out because the guy could break any five yard catch for sixty. So just a lot of guys to defend Dave, I'm gonna stay with you Tyler on this lots of distractions this week for the Broncos off the field. I don't have to list them because we all know what they are. You've been in the locker room a lot of times will any of the things that happened this week to the Broncos effect today's game or retrospectively. Do you think? Affected the preparation for today's game. Well, I don't think so and and maybe I'm being being optimistic on that one. But having been inside the locker room, you'd be surprised how little drama actually affects the locker room. Now, the reason I show a little bit of hesitation is. Because the Chad Kelly situation was unique. And that one is a little bit more personal for the guys. Now when you're talking about Halloween parties, and you're talking about criticism from the outside, and we were talking about ownership issues. The guys don't even they don't even know the ownership stuff is going on. And they don't care really care and as far as the Halloween parties. Go that's really doesn't mean much these guys, but the Chad Kelly one that was a little bit more personal. I don't think it's going to them. But I have a little bit of hesitation. Because anytime you talk about a team mate that's going through some tough stuff. It you are liable to spend a decent amount of energy on that particular subject. Yeah. I agree. Rick final question. Obviously everybody knows about Patrick Mahomes. Case keenum new to Denver this season. This is a big big game for him. I mean, it's not it's not case keenum against Patrick Mahomes. And yet, I think the Broncos offense has to stand up and acknowledged the fact that against this team here at Arrowhead stadium. They've got to find ways to score points in that has been a problem for them this year. Yeah. Case keenum made his first start in the NFL right here at in Arrowhead, and so he's played here before and case keenum needs to have a clean football game. He's thrown at least one interception in every game. So far this year. And this team was built to run the football and get after the quarterback case doesn't necessarily have to win games for this football team. But they put them in a position to do that quite a bit this year. So if they can run the ball in case can play a clean game. They've got a shot here today. Also, the the chiefs are starting third string center today in their offensive line has been reshuffled the bit. So it's a good day for the Broncos to get after the quarterback. It's a good day. Here at Arrowhead in Kansas City, in terms of weather temperature will be in the high fifties on this the twenty eighth of October. We've been back here before when it has been just a tad bit cooler than today when we come back. We'll take a look at the Broncos big win ten days ago over the cardinals that'll be next. And this is the KOA Broncos radio network. We get it..

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