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Seem powerful today. They're living in the past and within a period of. Time, you know, their politics of hatred and racism and anti immigration will be a thing of the past. And I think that we as Democrats need the immigrants in this country to see the Democratic Party as their only choice. And I think that's a ready on its way that's really happening. But we have to make sure that rules reflect that ten Francisco Democrats are hoping the state party will adopt the rule change at its state convention this weekend, according from San Francisco. I'm Christopher Martinez. Fourteen democratic presidential candidates will appear at this weekend's California. Democratic convention in San Francisco. Many of them will also speak at eight move on forum Saturday afternoon. The only major candidate planning to skip this weekend's gathering as former vice president, Joe Biden who leads the democratic pack in early polling. The candidates will be sharing the weekend spotlight with an election for a new party chair. Former chair, Eric Bowman resigned in November weeks after Democrats made sweeping electoral gains amid allegations he drank on the job and sexually harassed and abused staff. Three lawsuits have been filed against Bouwman and the state party, alleging leaders failed to stop Bouwmans behavior, or retaliated against those who complained Kimberly L is narrowly lost to Balan in twenty seventeen and is running again. She is one of three main contenders for the job alongside party vice chair, Derek hill are more hall and labour leader rusty Hicks. A group of African American women and men will rally on else's behalf. She is African American, the organizers of the rally argue that the success of last fall, so-called Blue Wave of democratic victories was the result in part of the organization and turn out of black voters, particularly. Black women. They say that Democrats risk alienating their base by shutting out the leadership of black women. A judge today issued an order allowing Mazury only abortion clinic to continue providing the service, Saint Louis circuit court judge Michael steles are ruled today just hours before the Lewis Planned Parenthood clinics licensed to perform abortions was to expire, he issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Missouri from allowing the licensed to lamps the Missouri department of health and senior services had declined to renew the license it cited concerns with failed abortions compromise patient, safety, and legal violations at the clinic agency officials also wanted to interview additional physicians at the clinic Planned Parenthood officials said the state had weaponized, it's licensing requirements to shut them down. And said if the license lamps, Missouri would become the first state without an abortion clinic since the supreme court's. Nineteen seventy three decision legalizing abortion nationwide. Planned Parenthood will seek a permanent injunction to keep the clinic open indefinitely at a court hearing next month nationwide over eight hundred twenty eight thousand fewer children were enrolled in Medicaid, and the children's health insurance program combined at the end of twenty eighteen. A new report says about seventy percent of those losses took place in seven states, including Florida, terminal reports usually a drop in enrollment for government programs means the economy is improving and people are getting services elsewhere such as through employers. And the Trump administration is backing that claim but the report suggests children are falling through the cracks and swirling with the Florida policy institute says that includes stressed over sixty nine thousand children in the state arming trend, and I think it should be a wakeup. Call that we need to be doing something different because we're going backwards more kids are going without health care coverage. Several factors are suspected in the drop including cuts to marketing outreach programs that let people know, to sign up and the gridlock in congress swirling, says cost is another big factor since Florida is among the states that charge a premium for families with incomes that are one hundred and fifty percent below the federal poverty line report, author Tricia Brooks. A senior fellow at the Georgetown University center for children and families says, employment and economic growth have been steady over the last decade. But the positive trend hasn't translated into coverage games for children. Employment or real wage growth that would help for the enrollment plunge in twenty eight teen. There also is negligible sitting economic actors have substantially increased access to affordable private or employer-based coverage for low to moderate income families. Florida lawmakers did tweak the state's Medicaid and healthy kids programs several years ago to ensure that immigrant. Children are able to receive benefits, although other.

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