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I in the past few years i had no idea when they're on what my and they're on one of my guy friends this past sunday told me that oh hey there on tonight i'm like yeah a and um but sunday night uh gary sinise and they'll but lieutenant dan ban came to play on tyndall airforce base so um so that was he did a great show and he actually contacted the base saying hey i want to come down and play for you guys and um it was a fantastic show in just really great to see you know a celebrity come out and and do things like that for the troop then for the first responders because he does it not just for the military but or a policeman a fireman though it was really great and i wish that uh that more hollywood more of hollywood would jump on that bandwagon and and do a little bit more positive you know uniting of people instead of getting up there and fashion it result so you were to watch that instead of the oscars on that night now dry air lacey act you know is just strange the these folks that make a great living playing makebelieve i believe if i was them i would set mosque her down and kissed the red carpet in ah what country they live in that they can do that in earned that kind of money and be creative and do all that kind of stuff instead of constantly bashing sheep on the great regret point gary sinise now he does put action he he's got a uh a passion for wanting to uh veterans he came to jacksonville put on a show and they built a house for a local veteran who was wounded and i mean he he really really is day i'm hey eight does more than lipservice he actually gets add that some well i think to what hollow the name of the by here i think hollywood has is so funny because now they in in the in this is how you can become delusional because the the wealth you can generate in the entertainment business you know if you become a big deal in it and you kinda come delusional that.

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