Mark White, Charlottesville, President Trump discussed on The Eric Metaxas Show


Boy and wall street in the manhattan as to what my concern jersey new york city terror in spain i'm rich denison fox news spanish police say officers have shot and killed five suspects in a second terror attack in camry spain separate from the one in barcelona in weight twit code eight civilians had wanted police officer in hearts when a car draw in to people in not tied with doors sky news correspondent mark white police say those five suspects killed were wearing a bomb belts meantime authorities still investigating thursday's attack in barcelona that left at least thirteen dead and up to one hundred injured fifteen of those victims critically wounded a van ramming the desk julian swerving from side to side for about five hundred yards down a pedestrian zone in barcelona victims crushed isis says it was behind the attack spanish police arresting two men from north africa but still searching for the driver the city of barcelona will mark three days of mourning from friday this the latest in a spate of vehicle attacks in europe just over a year ago more than eighty people died and niece france and a dozen died at a christmas market in berlin in london analyst wangdon fox news vice president mike pence condemning the terror in spain this latest attack the worst terror attack on spanish soil since the two thousand four madrid train bombings shows us again that radical islamic terrorism is one of the greatest threats that we face today vice president speaking from panama president trump tweeting about barcelona condemning the terror attack adding the us will do whatever is necessary to help missouri state senator maria chapelle the doll admitting she posted an later deleted now facebook comment opening for president trump's assassination she says she was frustrated with the president's response to the white supremacist rally in violence in charlottesville virginia on wall street it was the second worst day for us stocks this year the dow dropping two hundred seventy four points clock fox.

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