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And weather news radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati the red speak out on opening day this is the five thirty report I'm Matt Rees breaking now the Reds releasing a statement this afternoon that they are not canceling any events associated with opening day but we'll continue to evaluate the situation as opening day approaches which is two weeks from Thursday the red statement coming after Ohio governor DeWine recommended that there be no spectators at indoor events the governor says just the players and others essential to the game governor says outdoor sports events can continue but that could change in the future we will get through this we're not saying we're not gonna get get through it and without people coming down with their ship we know that's not how we know people are probably all likely revolution people to reduce that dramatically and now is the time to to move it now is it time to take action governor the one with the latest update on the coronavirus this afternoon the Ohio high school athletic association says it will soon figure out who can attend high school games but it will likely be no more than immediate family of the kids playing in the event association also says boys basketball playoff games scheduled for tonight can proceed with fans and the association will announce tomorrow how the tournaments will proceed going forward the girls basketball tournament in Ohio begins on Thursday wrestling is Friday hockey begins Saturday all of those tournaments are at various venues in Columbus the Columbus blue jackets say tonight their home game against third Thursday against Pittsburgh and Saturday against Nashville will be played as scheduled governor has recommended that colleges and universities hold classes online instead of in classrooms this is primary nine Michigan Missouri several other states Bernie Sanders Joe Biden were supposed to hold events in Cleveland tonight but those have been canceled because of the coronavirus here let's check our roads now on the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic center offering the only level for maternal care facility in Cincinnati UC Medical Center provides the highest level of care for pregnant and postpartum patients there's a broken down and semi actually on southbound seventy five it's on the right shoulder near Mitchell you've got an accident Whitfield Avenue north of Dick Smith Avenue and a seven forty seven west Kemper reopened in all directions following police activity there northbound seventy five continues to be stop and go Mitchell to paddock adding about five minutes to your drive south seventy five a bit heavy out of Lachlan then between freemen of the Brent Spence nor seventy one five minutes between Dana and Stewart and your heavy south seventy one Taft to four seventy one I'm rob Williams news radio seven hundred WLW it is forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred WLW Saudi skies and a low of forty five for our Wednesday it's mostly cloudy there's a slight chance of rain my high fifty eight at night still clouds and a low of forty four from your severe weather station on nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh news radio seven hundred WLW fifty degrees right now in Cincinnati Hawksworth blood center says don't forget about them during the corona virus some blood drives have already been canceled more cancellations are expected by Hans were says they still need.

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