CBS, Nancy Pelosi, Governor Ralph Northam discussed on WBZ Morning News


The three. Thirty eight degrees in Boston affair sky. We're looking for a sunny day today with a high fifty three degrees. There are the president talking border security and other topics with CBS news yesterday. I'm Tom Foty, I heard of the Super Bowl and his state of the union message tomorrow. President Trump did a wide ranging interview with CBS face the nation. One topic the future of the Robert Muller Russia meddling finding will that be made public accepted, the attorney general, I don't know it depends. I have no idea what it's going to say also house speaker Nancy Pelosi's insistence on no money for his border wall. I think she's very bad for our country. She knows that you need a barrier. She knows that we need border security, this ongoing dispute eleven days before temporary funding runs out for some government departments and a possible rerun of the shutdown Tom forty CBS news, Washington. More and more calls for Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam to resign this after a photo on his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook page shows a man in black face and another wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood north says he is not in the photo and has apologize Northam. Who has a democrat is here. From both Democrats and Republicans who say he should step down WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio is now available on over two thousand devices. So if you have a new smart speaker, make sure your setup to hear WBZ anytime, you want just say Alexa, play WBZ NewsRadio on iheartradio back to the Super Bowl. Now is a patriots come home with our Nive Lombardi trophy, Tom Brady with Jim Nance on the podium, and some special guests little.

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