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Of the youngsters. And he'll say between levine booker mitchell and it doesn't go any for those egos rudy gobert. Park your s in the paint baby. And so then i think. Lebron goes devon booker who lebron called him. The most disrespected player in the nba. So you know. He's got a fondness for him right there back with team. Durant donovan mitchell. Lebron gets zach levine. And then we get down to the end. Who will be the last pick. We're not there yet. But i would say durant goes jalen brown and just to take the other side of the east river. Lebron goes julius. Randle durant goes d'amato sa- bonus and then the very last pick. Nicole of usa bitch ends up with team. Lebron and i think if you think about the last guy picked on the all star game is that something bad remember when the nhl had this and this was like eight years ago they had a draft and they said whoever gets picked last. It's a free car was a real thing and it was logan couture the sharks because he was a rookie and he was the very last pick and i thought can you make me pick on a stupid all star game. I'm still on the teen. That's not too bad. So i think if you look at these final rosters. I'm more excited about it. Now if you if steph curry and lebron aren't on the same team. I didn't know i cared this much honestly until i started looking at this. But if they're on separate teams again come on. But if you're telling me you've got curry donncha and and tedtalk cuoco with james and then you look on the other side and it's like well. It's katy kyri and hardin. Tatum beal snooze earlier. We have kawhi snooze earlier. You have anybody exciting like booker now. Lebron has 'em how about damian lillard. No lebron has him. You have anybody exciting well. Mitchell and levin kind of now. Oh wait zion. No lebron hasim. Lebron basically draft. Everyone exciting you could say well durant could too. I know but durant won't because two of his picks has to be the other nets until over analyzing this..

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