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The fifty two degrees at o'hare police are investigate in a shooting at virginia state university and chesterfield county v s you communications director pamela turner says the victim has been taken to the hospital with lifethreatening injuries time pulley believe it could isolated incident india no further direct it's the second shooting at bs you in a week the base campus was posed on lockdown how quickly did police responded the las vegas shooting abc's met gut meant as the latest by the time police arrived the shooting had stopped 12 minutes after security officer has sues campos was wounded and radio for help in his first interview campos telling ellen degeneres he'd been said to investigated open door in the stairwell as i was walking down i heard a rapid fire the gunman's shooting through his hotel room door hitting campos in the lake republican lawmakers are one step closer to tax reform at the senate worked until late last night id pass the gop proposed budget in a partyline vote the asia fifty one the nays are forty nine the couldn't caught resolution as amended is agree vermont senator bernie sanders criticized the plan for giving tax breaks to the rich and cutting the safety net for lower income americans lilian foot working families are struggling to keep their heads above water up this budget cuts medicaid by a trillion dollars fifteen million americans could lose their health measures estimated at one point five trillion dollars to the deficit over the next decade and the kept seasons over and many cubs fan said wrigley field last night knew it early on in game five dodgers jumped out to an early lead.

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