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Abc news radio i'm bill zimper oj simpson has been granted parole and about a parole board approved release as early as october i simpson at his hearing said he can handle any of the restrictions of burrowing not a guy who live the pro life malvo's drug abuse bezos earned by i i i have no problem heard whatsoever in living with those conditions court observer at attorney royal oak said no one was surprised by the outcome outcome really wasn't a shock all the packers came to light up and in favour model prisoner his age no prior convictions but he didn't do himself any favours he was actually combative and pity dead aboard typically like to hear control shen and acceptance of responsibility he didn't really give them that simpson did serve almost nine years on a robbery conviction special counsel robert muller is reportedly looking the donald trump's business transactions dance despite a warning from the president trump told the new york times muller is crossing align if he goes outside the scope of the investigation of russian meddling ng in the presidential election bloomberg says muller's team is investigating a soho manhattan development involving russian associates the sale of a florida mansion do a russian oligarchy and some purchases from russian buyers at trump properties police once again we're at a pennsylvania farm where the remains of four men were earlier recovered the the bucks county pennsylvania district attorney's office said law enforcement wanted to conduct an extensive walk through of their property owned by suspect cosmo denardo family philadelphia police also confirmed they took part in that search americans jordan spieth brooks kepco and matt kuchar were sharing the lead after the opening round of the one hundred fortysix british open championship at royal birkdale the trio ended the first round at five under par paul casey and charles schwarz all are tied for fourth place at four par ian poulter and five others share sixth at minusthree you're listening to the latest from nbc news ra have rationed river gigs drive northbound vietnam veterans bogor there has left wing glock still have written gore sixty crock south rally with would and then no one to dress wearing still on goal forty it's eastbound you're sick crime than 20fold westbound across your growth in montgomery county ramp stroke lock theor am hollywood entered syndrome he's ready of his he said.

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