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KOMO Seattle KOMO FM. Oakville, The Northwest's on Lee 24 hour news station. From ABC News on Chuck's Iverson. President Trump lost again today in court or election challenges into Wisconsin courtrooms, unlike the recent brief, terse U. S Supreme Court denials and dismissals against his team A Wisconsin judge verbally laid into the trump legal team you wanted. You want us to overturn this election so that your king can stay in power. And that is so on American Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice chilled Karofsky on the Trump lawsuit seeking to throw out ballots in two of the most diverse counties of the state's lawsuit, Mr Troops smacks of racism, Justice Karofsky, adding. I cannot believe that you are going to come forward. And you're gonna accuse our fellow Wisconsinites from engaging in fraud in this election. The people of Wisconsin should be fate for exercising their civic duty for doing what is asked of them and coming to both liberal and conservative justices were skeptical. The decision is expected Monday in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In the other case of Trump lawsuit, asked a federal court in Wisconsin to order the Republican controlled Legislature to name Trump the winner. Judge who was a Trump appointee, says the arguments fail as a matter of law. In fact, The latest to say he'll roll up the sleeve and get the five Sir Corbett VACCINE. The FDA commissioner, Dr Steven Hi, will absolutely take this covert 19 vaccine pending availability and distribution because I had complete trust and confidence in the F D. A is CAREER staffs EVALUATION. A manhunt for to Lake County, Tennessee Prison escapees who cops say kidnapped a Kentucky Highway Department employees Stole a truck. Robert Brown and Christopher Osteen, considered armed and dangerous,.

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