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Already NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one W G Y Twenty-three-year-old Rotterdam man attempts to Abbas computer service that results in his arrest this week on charges related to child pornography child sexual abuse illegal weapon, possession, Chandler, Whitaker has been arrested police launch an investigation this week after employees computer repair and technologies on avenue found questionable images on a computer on Wednesday and call police Rotterdam police Lieutenant we a male spoke with news channel thirteen or in the process of getting search warrants for all those devices. So it's possible that there are still there. It's possible that there's more images on those devices were still investigating at this point. Investigators say the computer contained more than one hundred images containing child pornography video Whitaker having sexual contact with an eight year old girl. Search word of his home also revealed a modified AR fifteen illegal amunition over thirty grams of marijuana Whitaker arranged sent the Schenectady county jail arrests made an animal hoarding case, David and Michelle Hempstead of Campbell avenue. George would seven. Eighteen counts of injuring an animal. That's according to Troy police in December more than one hundred animals were found at the home toy police department says conditions of many of the animals have improved and many have been adopted in Troy, some potential good news about the city's swimming pools mayor Patrick Madden says the south Troy pool be reopened by July. First if a contractor can be found that's willing to commit to what Madden calls an aggressive renovation schedule. Both the south joy Knickerbocker pools have been closed for a couple of summers. Now after both pools were found to be unsafe while the existing south Troy pool will be repaired. Current budget plans. Call free completely new pool of Knickerbocker park. No specific timetable on that Madden says the city still needs to reach an agreement with the Knickerbocker association, which owns the.

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