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Tunnel turn Kyle Ricky turn three Jason toy on pit road Winston Kelly Steve post and Glenn Gerry Kevin Harvick is the man up front but I know you're watching somebody AJ yeah I got Denny Hamlin just made a move on Ryan Newman into second how bush to start to run right Newman down for thirty Kyle Larson is making moves he restarted about forty eight he's up to eight he's making moves on the outside of turn three which we haven't seen all day right now Denny Hamlin has that runner up spot the boy watching Kyle Busch do it the hard way around the outside putting Ryan Newman back the fourth looking for more as he had to turn number one something we have not seen all day is on line on the outside of turn he has left a great run at the exit of turn number one carries that speed up this long back straight away and is quickly closing in on his Joe Gibbs racing teammate quickly making up some ground as they work their way back into turn number three once again Harvick he is checked out right to the corner there comes Hamlin the corner her number three in coming back to the line Kevin Harvick already crosses attend Danny then piled bush that Ryan Newman and Paul Minard right behind them is Martin Truex junior and high Larson we haven't talked a lot of Davies very fast mark the ability to make moved around Erik Jones of the couple laps to go William Byron was Kyle Larson Martin Truex junior for the top five this battle for the six position of Martin Truxtun your whole at about a four Carling separation back it's going to stay that way back to turn number three well you talk listen to chase and talk about some good racing it was making its way back to her number three you look anywhere around the triangle right now you've got good racing going on at the front of the field Kevin Harvick on lap sixty one showing the way Denny Hamlin right now running second thing Kyle Busch Ryan Newman and Holman are just a few moments ago Daniel Hambrick was the fastest off road this team turned a pit stop at six point six seconds that's getting it done for sure get the speed coverage in control you need with Xfinity X. five Xfinity official partner of NASCAR one junior here how do you like the keys to a seven hundred horsepower custom built Ford Mustang RTR designed by none other than NASCAR champ Joe we look auto parts your design team and me it's one of three must thank you could win in the money line here we wore sweepstakes how do you enter.

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