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That you listen to my favorite podcasts. That i listen to it kind of depends on what i'm in the mood for i reply all was my favorite forever. They've gone through phrasing transition last implements and so on and using words anymore. It's all dance interpretive. Dance like how crazy transition. It's all colors. Not i mean truly. There was like a reckoning because they were doing some reporting about systemic stuff that was happening other places and that seems to some except was happening at their place and so the main main who was a fan of left the show. That's one but smart. Lewis is just something that i am. I it's jason. Bateman and sean hayes and the voice of batman Inside what's his learn will arnett thank you and and the and the job of that show. Is that each week they rotate in bringing in guest at the other two are ready or prepared to have any kind of conversation with it's a spot and that that's great and then the last one i would say his armchair expert with dax shepard. I just you know kiss conversations. He's great interviewer. So if there's someone that. I'm like looking at for inspiration on how to be better about asking a question then letting someone actions speak. He does a good job answers you. I don't listen to a ton of podcasts. But i like I think tim ferriss does really good job with his energies like his interview. With jerry seinfeld was one whereas pausing the take notes and for me. Like i really was like would mrs so so i like some of those but i i'm a big audible do like i like an audiobook where i'm trying to fill some space. I'm doing like i just finished. Accountability christos forty seven hours. That's that's a lot of book and so like more of an audio book guy but there's some pockets online that's cool. I like that one. But i'm not at all listen to tom. Rx random question best present you ever received as a disney corporate employees. So you already mentioned that game out. Air buds like candy. If somebody missed the previous episode. Dave said they had a bowl of puppies in the lobby. And you could just get a puppy when they were filming replied series on. That's how i interpreted By air bud. Seven everyone in the office just covered puppies. Because you know. I how many thanks film. But i'm not. I'm not scorsese but what was your best. Yes like the end of the year. There's a basket it's covered in cellophane. I'm assuming mickey mouse hands to you. I've never worked their best name through. Wow we got a glint all right so there were plenty of those gift. Baskets the attempts from the movie theater executives to try and make the deal making the next time around better by having their ham sent over but really the best gifts. Almost every single time ended up being at the end of production on one of the big movies. Yeah the producer the executive producer the director. Someone would take something and to this small group of people that participated in watching early rounds of the film and giving no. It's already sucks for instance. It's in the book. Yeah sorry about that. I didn't say but those like getting a little piece of Like a prop. That was on the sats. Right like so i have. I have a decent. I have a decent collection of this jacket was only given to the crew of the avengers or this was a piece of something that was on the set of that star wars movie that was shot and like i had a a dave solo cast created. It looks like han solo. But it's dave's head that was sent over from kevin kennedy who it's it's like that big already to the next show..

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