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Ooh, when asked is there, has he experienced racism as a black quarterback? Never just like in life. Never goes, say that again. Let me think about how do you mean not till today? I'm taking back. Wait a minute. What these words before my life, it's everyday life, I guess, but I'm all about love. So don't focus on of that. I love old people, and that's what I focus on this guys named Jeff, you're out who's this. The best guy, one windfall for everything like, oh, nice words from a man. And they can speak. So of course the superintendent zest to resign and he does. Well, that's funny. He was asked to resign is that so they don't have to pay him. Money. Yeah, I, he still gets paid somehow. Here's the, here's the letter. Why? Why? I want to express my deepest, apologies to the board of trustees, staff students, and even black people now know now. My heart stopped German. I hate how good keep is. I want to express the deepest apologies to the board of trustees, staff students and patrons of the on Alaska independent school district for the comments I made on Facebook, a new black face was bad, but I didn't know words hard to. I was saying they things about black people, so I truly don't understand what you guys are talking about, but okay, this should be like a game show. It's like here's five things. Which one did the racist actually said my gosh, no years, five things which one is racist, but ask the person like ask why the comments were wrong and inappropriate and have been an embarrassment to the district, my family friends and to me for this, I am deeply. Sorry as an educator? No, you didn't. This experiences taught me that I still have a lot to learn, honest to God. What. He's a grown adult in a long time to learn this sixties at least what. How can you learn sixties? That means he had first hand experience with with how this country separates black and white people. The comments were wrong and inappropriate and I've been a basement Bubba. My comments were not only uninformed, but also hurtful. I understand now why they were offensive to so many people. I would like to know another time in his life when he said, quote, uninformed and hurtful. Probably about like learning something a restaurant and the chick. Wait. Is this what you call an egg roll? Fuck sorry. I'm on informed and hurtful. I'd like to apologize directly to the Shawn Watson, like he gives a shit. I recognize that given the opportunity to respond by criticizing or belittle belittling me, he chose peace and positively instead and spite of the terrible position I put him in. He showed himself to be the kind of role model. I'd be proud of for any of my students to follow. It was mighty white of him. Goodness. He goes on and on doesn't tripling down. Also, I want everyone to know that my comments and they'll way reflect the nature of the school district or the community. These are careful, thoughtful communities. There's no place for racism moving forward. I believe it is in the district's best interest that I resigned from my position. At least that's Tolten accordingly. I hereby Sma resignation bubble, blah. I'd like to thank the school board trustees yadda yadda yadda. I hope I'm remembered for my body of work over forty two years in public education rather than my unwarranted in inappropriate comments. No deal. Promise. Actually, I don't see that happening playing air like you didn't. You didn't mind throwing this guy into the bus, but now that you're leaving, please remember me well jerseys. Those New Jersey's. Great. I'm an educator. They don't say this guy's role, but somebody at the meeting them, Tony Kelly said, and I quote, I don't believe it was a racist comment. I just believe it was a sensitive comment. Misplaced what he said supposedly was supposed to have been in private with friends. Another. Yeah, they resigned. Whatever they are. All that's beautiful. I love that these guys, especially because he said, you know, this isn't a place where these kinds of things happened in someone went, but I, this is what we always talk about who recorded it was sensitive in this day and age. You can't just put stuff on there and he thought it was only two friends, not the general public he went..

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