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Longest argument over gloria will awad mary gouge iskoe minutes well done well done so so that's the first or the first part is obviously his historic clip i generally speaking robert in white preferred the left eat bat when presented with the choice also here's a an elite defender it hurts great he's been described as that to me by multiple observers who are neutral on the matter that the the elderly defender at first base georgia they certainly is done adequately in right field but he's not in right field on the level that belgium heard that i i would take the premium the rendered i praise over the average veterinary outfield all things being equal now we may argue weren't they are all the gold in the battered by i'm not sure but certainly a robin mike i would give very very little to say there's a wrong anchor in either category there our requiered bellenger and judge i'm going to step out on a limb omelette tell you when it's all said and done we could say this right now that aaron judge will be the bigger stall long term and when i went and i look at it like this us not only has the batting average i'm impressed by along with the long born a power and hitting all over to park not just to left field but all over and the other part is the two things that the yankees have done which is shocking to me joe girardi talking about this guy in the same breath as derek jeter like in may of rookie year and the yankees putting together that the judge as chair burr were out which i've never seen john you noticed you cover baseball for a long time i've never seen the yankee do anything remotely liked that oh shocking to me i think the kid electric i'll start at major league baseball's looking for and and that's not to take anything away from bellenger who's been unbelievable 'cause it's good for baseball you got one on the west coast one on the east coast one in the national league one in the american league but i love what i've seen from marriage judge great points rob great.

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