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And then he shows up and he has a fire going and he makes them breakfast. Jesus later tells his disciples I'm going to put my spirit inside of you. Yeah, you're broken and messy people, but I can't get close enough. Just like in the garden where I walked with you just like in the desert where I dwelled among you just like when Jesus showed up and flesh, flesh and blood. I can't get close enough to broken a messy people I'm GONNA put my spirit inside of you, and then the Bible literally and the last book of the Bible Revelation. There's this vision. There's this picture of a new heaven. A new city coming down to Earth, and the Bible says that God will dwell. Among us. And that he will be our God. And we will be as people. Literally from Genesis to revelation. God is near broken and Messi people. He can't get close enough. So what does that mean for US Journey Church in February two thousand eighteen on a snowy day. Like how does all of that makes sense for us? I think the first thing when we think about being better together as to realize that we can come out from hiding. All of us in here. Hide in really creative ways. But. You can come out from hiding. Because you're not gonNA experience and come across a God. Who's going to pour out his wrath on because the greatest news of all time is that God poured out his wrath. You deserve on Jesus. and He poured out His grace on you what you don't deserve. You can come out from hiding because you're going to experience the same kind of God that Adam and Eve experienced in the garden as they're sending on the worst day. God doesn't just jolt them down with lightning like they deserve, but he said where are you? I think I would say the same thing to us. Where are you? Why are you hiding? You don't have to hide anymore. We fake it really well. The thing is I. Think people know we all know what broken. Okay. You're looking my instagram. You're like, oh. Maybe guys got together. dudes broken. I'm broken and you know we all know that about each other right like we all present our best, but we're broken people. Were messed up. The church is this beautiful place where we get to come under the banner to say I'm really broken and yet I'm I'm submitting my life to the greatest news of all time that instead of my broken receiving wrath, my broken. This was put on Jesus so that I could.

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