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And websites she and her husband are the proud parents of four cats thor Hella and foster failures jude and Luke. Kathleen's I review kittens Kathleen I'd like to welcome you to the show. Thank you stacey. Glad to be here. So first and foremost, can you share with us a little bit about how you became passionate about cats will that started when I was a little girl we didn't have pets in our own households, but my aunt and uncle town didn't have human children but they had a dog and two cats and I loved visiting my aunt and uncle because I loved them. But I also loved being with the animals and I was particularly fascinated by the cats because. They're so independent and it was a big honor to get the cats to let me pet them and start purring. So it's been a lifelong fascination with cats and I was finally able to have cats of my own as an adult when I rescued a mother cat and kitten. So with that, you've got exposed to trap neuter return in two thousand ten who showed you or who taught you how to do trap. NEUTER and return, and also where did you become a believer in that practice is being the best practice for cats actually I had known about tr since about nine, hundred, ninety seven when I was working for Med scape dot com and I came across a scientific book about cat behavior, which was really rare in those days. There was very little science available to lay people, and that book taught me about kitten socialization and. So it was on my radar but I didn't need that information really until twenty ten when I found myself feeding a poor little hungry looking cat in front of an abandoned church near my neighborhood and I started feeding her and pretty soon I realized that she had about ten friends who also feeding and I figured none of these guys are spayed or neutered I better go online and find our workshop and I.

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