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The following is not an actor, but a real life story from trinity debt management. It's probably been about ten years ago. I had quite a few credit cards the interest on the cards was really high. I was making the minimum payments, but barely and it was just getting to be too much. So I called trinity. If you're in debt, and you need help call trinity at one eight hundred nine nine six nine seven six to talk to a certified counselor. He met with me, and they were able to get all of my credit cards in one lower payments. He will consolidate your accounts into one easy to manage monthly payment. Put a stop to late fees and over limit charges, reduce your interest and possibly improve your credit score. You'll save thousands. They did help me. Learn how to manage my money. Now, you know, we have a house, and we're doing a lot better. If your debt has you down, call trinity at one eight hundred nine nine six nine seven six name is highly. And I am debt free for keeps lawn. Eight. Hundred nine nine hundred sixty nine seventy six. A court has ruled the public has a right to see body camera video recorded by New York police an appeals court in New York ruled the video recorded by police body cameras is a public record and should be subject to the same disclosure laws as any other public record New York City's police union argued body camera footage amounts to a personnel record in making it public violates officers privacy, the court found the video no different from arrest records. Police Commissioner James O'Neill said the ruling is an important step toward transparency. The union says it's considering an appeal the NYPD released its first body Cam footage of a fatal shooting almost two years ago. It's released was then held up while the appeals court considered the case Warren Levinson, New York, federal judge gave the green light Tuesday to a parks advocacy, groups lawsuit that aims to stop for good. The delay construction. A former President Barack Obama's five hundred million dollar presidential center that a Chicago park beside Lake Michigan sport the project hope the court with Greta city of motion to throw out the bossy. This is townhall dot com. Show presents Steven Curtis Chapman..

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