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A space that we can trust. This is our space, so I mean, that's what made me feel so comfortable was knowing that I'm this'd a home DPH data shows of 1.5 Million vaccine doses administered so far more than a million of them have gone to white people. With blacks, Latinos and Asians falling far behind. As new vaccine shipments arrive in Illinois, the priority will shift for the next few weeks from administering first doses to Second. Illinois. Public health officials are telling the local health departments and other providers to prepare for that change. I want to make sure anyone due for a second dose can receive it in a timely manner, And once they've caught up with the second shot, they'll refocus on administering the first ones. Three men were arrested in neighbor Village, Hurst in connection with two armed Carjackings in Chicago 18 year old Tommy Coleman and 20 year old Carl Brown, both of Hammond, Indiana, and 21 Year Old Damian, the Plumber of Chicago, all being held at the DuPage County Jail. Naperville Police say they stops the men on Thursday. For spotting them in a car that had been reported stolen from Chicago. When officers searched the car. They found several weapons, drugs and keys to another stolen car in Chicago. Get ready to file the legions of Roger Banish says You should start finding your receipts now tax season is officially underway. The Iris is now accepting tax returns but his two weeks behind where it was last year. New tax rules are to blame for the delay. Filing deadline is still April 15th. And if you received a stimulus check last year, it's not taxable, but unemployment benefits are subject. The state and federal taxes. Roger Vanished. WGN NEWS WGN SPORTS The Blackhawks beat the Columbus Blue Jackets last night. 3 to 2 with a business Detroit Tomorrow. The pre game of Chris Boden at six. The face off at 6 30 with John White Hymen and Troy Murray on 7 20. W GNN, WGN radio dot com. The forecast not from the WGN Chicago Weather Center Here's meteorologist Mike Johnson. Mostly cloudy and cold for our Sunday I've just six with windchills between 10 and 15. Degrees below zero. Can't rule out a few snow showers in the afternoon. Better potential for snow here Sunday night. Mostly cloudy alone year zero Windchills. Maybe it's cold. It's 25 degrees below zero. Mostly Cardy. On Monday, Snow likely could see accumulations, especially by the lakefront left behind just 11 degrees from the WGN Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Mike Chance. There is a wind chill advisory today until noon. It is negative two degrees at O'Hare feels like negative 21. Negative one at Midway feels like negative 18. I'm.

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