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Okay, say you have a cabin. And a really good dog. And you get up every morning, each shop would. You hang out with your dog, is that obscurity? Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great. I think you have to be involved in something kind of public, and then like a YouTube channel. Then move away from the public eye. Like YouTube channel. Obscured. So say you had a YouTube channel. Yes. And then you move to the Woods next to a nice Lake. This is really specific. And then you live like Nick cage and pig. Yeah, 'cause he was a famous chef in that and he had the spotlight for a while. And then he didn't want to be in he wanted to be obscured from the public eye. Yeah, I'm gonna live in obscurity one day. Let us know your address whenever, for sure. You can come by. Let us know that GPS coordinates because I know that there won't have an address. We'll make a video out of it. Yeah, you're on the channel. For sure, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Finding my long lost boss. Wait, your roommates with Rivers Cuomo and you guys are making an album? And it's gonna have Hurley from lost on the cover. Degner, meanwhile, would meet his end much sooner than kaden. Degner was a changed man after his fiery crash in 63, quote he lost his glow sense of humor, everything, said teammate, Jim Redman. Even when you return to the track, people close to him say a dark depression and washed over him. Degeneres personal relationships also began to deteriorate. Many friends said he pushed them out or cut them off. Degner even fell out with Paul Petrie, the friend who had risked his freedom by helping smuggle Degeneres family to the west. So I guess that's answers that question how they got to West Germany. As time went on, degner is reliance on morphine and other medications took an extreme mental and physical toll. His family says he began to experience delusions and paranoia. When he died in 1983 at the age of only 51, rumors quickly circulated that he had committed suicide or may have even been murdered by the East German Stasi after a decades long quest for revenge, but the most believable version of events that he died of heart failure from ill health. We can feel for danger's plight, but it's hard to arouse much sympathy for caden and all of this, given his status as an ex Nazi engineer. We mentioned Wernher von Braun earlier. According to writer max oxley's book, stealing speed, the biggest spy scandal in motor sports history, kaden had an opportunity to join the celebrity scientist state side after the war, but declined. Probably part of operation paper clip. 100%. Bernard von Braun was a Nazi war criminal, and we put him on TV. Yes. Caden's life could have easily taken a very different path. Both men reflect how complicated life was for Germans during and after World War II. Complicated is a good descriptor of that stuff. But I don't want to be seen. That's also an easy way to say, oh, it's complicated. It's a very easy way to excuse things, and I'm not excusing it. You know? A lot of these guys were spared. They were spared the hangman's noose by things like operation paper clip, or as we just read in this episode, the Soviets did the same thing. They had their own program saving these Nazi scientists. Yeah, we did. The USSR and the United States fought over the Nazis. They were chases and races to get to these scientists first before the other side got to them. And these guys, they get a new job and a new country and a new territory under new leadership and try their best to forget what they did in the past. And maybe try to make peace with it in some way, but it's not excusing it. But at least when it comes to Ernst degner, his legacy is that he took things into his own hands. You know, one of my favorite earnest movie is Ernst jumps over the iron curtain. Mine is Ernest scared stupid. That's a really good one with the tree and the leprechauns in it or something. Just like little trolls and then they don't like milk so they feel super full of milk. Oh, yeah. All right, we've got some listener mail, James, do you want to hit that? Hey guys, I just wanted to start off by saying how much I love this show and all the other media donut media makes. You guys brighten up my Monday every week. I wanted to chime in on what the yugos equivalent today would be. I think at around $14,500, the Mitsubishi mirage is pretty close. It's cheap and kind of cheaply made car that gets good mileage and that's about it. Thanks for all the great stuff you guys. I can't wait for the next high low. Steven. Space. Space coast coast to coast. Thanks, Stephen. That is a pretty good, pretty analysis car, I guess. I drove one on a race track. When? Driver. Oh yeah, how was it? Terrible. It's a three cylinder. It was the worst car that I could have. Well, all Stephen, you'll be happy to know that by the time this airs, I think the first video in a three part series we're putting V8s in the three 50 Z's, and yeah, we're right. We're currently in the throes of it. We've started both of our motors. I cut a hole in the bottom of high car and accident. We're putting on angle kits, Nolan's car. Is it on the ground right now? Not yet. Almost on the ground should be on the ground Monday. Hopefully, mine will be too, because we've got to go to the dino Tuesday, and then 6 days from when we're recording this, we're going to drag racing, and yeah, when is the alignment guy coming? I don't know, man. We'll talk about it. We definitely have to get a photo of both of you guys in front of your cars with your arms crossed. For sure. For sure. Classic drag race photo. Hit us up at pasca donut media dot com. We'd love to hear from you, hey. Thank you very much for listening to this episode. This was a really fun one. I don't know about fun. It was really interesting. Great story. I'm going to check out fun. Follow the boys at Joji Weber at James pumphrey follow me at Nolan J Sykes. Subscribe to the podcast, tell your friends about it. Leave us a review. That's how these things work. That's right. Stay in touch. Support our sponsors. And if you want to make a podcast, you still didn't make one. It's pretty easy. All you need is like microphone. Why is this why is this your sign off now? I want to encourage people to do things. Okay. I don't want to just say, hey, take care or be kind or I love you. I want to encourage our audience.

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