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Check the forecast now with our chief meteorologist, Dan Bruneau. Dan. Well, I'm gonna take a quick look at the tropics that we were pretty busy a couple of weeks ago. Things have quieted down considerably. There is a areas to Hurricane Center is watching cluster thunderstorms that looks like a bout five hundred four hundred five hundred miles southeast of the Carolinas. Are they are expecting an increase of rain in that area as we head towards the end of this week. Also, what was tropical depression Kirk well off to the east of the greater lesser Antilles? Still has a sixty percent chance of becoming a tropical storm again over the next forty eight hours. It will be moving west at about twenty to twenty five miles per hour. It's not forecast to become a hurricane. Caribbeans quiet. Gulf of Mexico's quiet that some good news. Our weather is going to be quiet today. We're going to be hot and humid. We're starting off near seventy nothing on radar temperatures going to warm near ninety today. At a lot of humidity around the heat index will be well up into the nineties, but after midnight tonight, a strong cold front now into the central plains states will plow through the area, you'll know at those wind chimes will be rock. As you wake up tomorrow morning. Temperatures of will have fallen into the low to mid sixties across the area. We're going to stay there all day could be a few rumbles of thunder along the front as it comes through during the morning hours, especially Dallas Fort Worth south no flooding expected and then on and off showers late in the day tomorrow. I think we stay in the sixties all day dip into the upper fifties by Thursday morning. And I think we're gonna stay into the mid to upper sixties on Thursday afternoon with a slight chance of rain returning into Friday right now, it's seventy one degrees care L D. News, traffic and weather all day. Listen anytime, anywhere. Download the radio dot com app and favorite NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD..

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