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The worst of it. Owner Jeff Barnett. It's just weird that it snowed so heavy. We just weren't ready for for the massive Snowpocalypse that hit us, so he made the most of it. Getting creative with that snow removal that was swept it off. We made snowmen out of it. We had no other place to put the snow. So we put into the garbage cans make a wall of snowmen. What we could sell a lot of these wooden structures there built really well, it's those tents and those canopies that really seemed to struggle when that wet snow starts to pile up. Cole Miller Co. Moh news. Tens of thousands of people in the Pacific Northwest are still without power after a winter storm blanket the region with ice and snow. The Portland area was the hardest hit with more than 200,000 people still without power today. Another Pacific storm system is expected to bring snow to the mountains of the northwest through Monday night. Here in western Washington, Puget Sound Energy says about 500 still remain without power region wide more than 32,000 customers. Were without power, but it's since been restored since the beginning of the storm. Still homeless. P UT also has about 500 customers still without electricity, and governor Inslee has decided that the whole state will be allowed to move to phase two. Starting today. The south central region around the Yakima area was the only region that was to remain in phase one because of the high covert rates. The Washington Department of Health now says the hospital in Walla Walla was incorrectly reporting the admission rates. The air appears to be unintentional. The region will immediately move to phase two commoners. Time is 6 10 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Dave Lewis has basketball election women's hoops Sand the ninth loss in the last 10 for the Huskies, who fell to number 10, Arizona on the road, 75 to 53 Wildcats, blazing from three point range, 12 out of 16 from beyond the arc and overall 55%. Huskies held a 38% Quay Miller 13 points and nine boards. Washington state laws to Arizona State 67 61 Charlie's Ledger Walker with 29 in defeat for the Cougars. At Pebble Beach. Daniel Berger closed with a flurry of 567, including an eagle on 18 good for a two shot win over Maverick McNealy at 1800 parm for Burger his second wind following the pause from the pandemic. Sports at 10 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on news. Acuity insurance. We believe the things you do for your business every day or nothing.

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