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Huge test of his of his of his character at many levels and while most of us who can remember I don't quite remember at least I didn't that the first part of the hearings was like a week-long more traditional but vicious confirmation hearings sort of like the board hearing that had been a fairly recent centers really quizzed him on his views on abortion and abortion was really the driving force of that part of the confirmation battle to try to get him to say something about row. And after 5 days of that the committee voted seven to seven split but that was enough to send his name up to the full senate for a vote Justice. I was his lips and he finally relaxed they went off to talk to the country to kind of get away. And then just then Anita Hill's allegations were leaked to NPR and and the Senate decided not to read have the Judiciary can be reconvened whole new hearings. So just as Thomas said it's like you finished one Marathon you relax then you're told you got to run another one and this time as his wife says he was spent there was nothing left of him. They felt at this time. It was spiritual warfare because of the nature of the charges and she said the demons were loose and they had to rely on their faith took them through a day. They had prayer Partners come to the house. It was it was a very different process from them internally something that we viewers may not see And I I think family's very important there and it remains important Justice Thomas says a prayer for humility. I think dearly and it is a and that is a virtue in short supply here in the nation's capital gains. Absolutely. I tell you I do think back to the confirmation hearings and you're right when I think about Justice Thomas, I I do. I remember the confirmation hearings not as well detail as you just explained but there were so many aspects so many aspects of his life that I just had no idea about and we mentioned some of this also when he mentioned some other I think surprises I guess our audience will be a see this documentary. Well, I think there are two kinds of surprises. First of all, I think people who are closely following the court may have a lot of misapprehension about Justice Thomas, right? It doesn't speak in oral argument. He doesn't give a lot of interviews because of being burned by the media during his confirmation battle. And so the the people who have defined a story have Chrome An impression that he is not smart that he is misanthropic. He doesn't like to speak and I think anyone watches this movie whatever their politics kind of Come Away with that but those myths in in mind, but but I think the thing that to me is most surprising about the story is his resilience his ability to come back time and again from setbacks and his unwillingness to Define himself as a victim he could he was born in real poverty few people today or maybe none experience that at least in America like he was a victim of Jim Crow of real segregation, but he does not define himself that way and we all at different levels can make this similar choice and and I find that inspiring. Absolutely Michael again created equal Clarence Thomas's and words. Fantastic. May I congratulate you on your team on that if a gas what next for you? Well, we had a documentary that we produced before this on the bat biggest battles in the Iraq War Fallujah and the Jeff and we want to get that movie in two years too. And it really tells the stories in the words of the people who fought there and it tries to tell the story as if it were Gettysburg, Iwo Jima as a battle story without politics. We're going to ask the young men and women of our Armed Forces to fight and die for us. We need to understand what why they did what they did. How can they find out more about that? They are go to our website, which is manifold Productions. Com manifold productions.com. We're all that is listed, but first, they should go to Just As Time as movie.com. It's too many websites. Absolutely and I'll put links to all these been shown us for this episode Michael again. I would just thank you for taking time out of your schedule joints. They really do appreciate it. Thank you very much was good talking to you online coffee break. Why I really enjoy my conversation with Michael and I'm loving the new documentary created equal is streaming now on your favorite platforms, including Amazon Apple TV and YouTube for more information. Visit is Justice Thomas movie.com. I want to thank Michael for joining me today want to thank you for joining us as well. Again. We'd appreciate it. If you'd share this episode with a friend. Also, if you're watching Youtube, if you can give us a thumbs-up or if you're suggesting just give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast application, by the way. Thanks so much for joining us. We'll see you next time. God bless..

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