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Hey guys you are listening to kill her cocktails where the drinks are stiffed. The buddies are stiffer. This is a casual true crime. Podcast to friends get drunk and talk about gruesome murders each week. We pick a different drink. Whose name or ingredients set the tone for our stories. Hey guys it's draft and Jackie and this is our six year old. I repeat we WanNa we do what I it's chilly in here. And this food is to Obviously we know sixty. Isn't that old? Now sorry mom but my mom too. I'm sorry mom knows. Sixty that is such a sixty forty. Yeah Yeah I'm fifty years old. How my lazy was Manta Jaylo? I don't know what you do girl but I won't put my face in whatever you do. That meant that's what it is but any of you guys we've been here. For sixty episodes you've been with us for sixty episodes. Thank you so much. This has been such a wild adventure Super Fun in celebration of our six episode We're GONNA celebrate Mardi Gras fat Tuesday Tuesday wa Wa wa Wa wa bomb that's doing the spam out to make you. She don't know Mardi Gras is tomorrow. February twenty fifth in so in case. You don't know anything about Mardi Gras. I'M GONNA give it to you. Fasten dirty a little fat really. Know anything about it It's in New Orleans and it's a party. Yeah so Mardi Gras means fat Tuesday that we learned that ten years ago. I know that blew. My mind is an interesting fact in. So it's kind of like the last day for Catholics. To indulge in whatever they want to indulge in because the next day's Ash Wednesday. So that's when little that are not a coincidence. Uh-huh yeah they're handed hand. Yeah looking at the calendar earlier and I was like. Oh look at this week but yeah so that kind of Marks the beginning of lent and so. We can't do anything you're not giving me like give something up for Jesus Right. Not Jesus for the the Mirror Godliness. Yes for religious reasons. Not the best one to ask live. Yeah Catholic like when I ran track. It was For Christ the king but no other church. I know that's my interaction with Catholicism. Wonderful so I know nothing about it. Okay so Mardi. Gras has actually been a long time tradition with European Christians in some people. Think that Mardi gras celebrations kind of have their origins in springtime orgies of the ancient Roman Times. Oh religions poll holidays. Mother's Day like our club. We do we come over here time But essentially Mardi Gras is one of the bigger celebrations not just celebrated their Or sorry in New Orleans which Yes so you go you go have fun booze and beads and food and you go hard because you're going to be all pious. Oh and that's pretty much my summary of Mardi Gras all right. Yeah I'm getting looks for. Everyone came yeah. Kimberly put you look away book Kim Responses to talk about the cocktail. I suppose to cocktail is called the Mardi gras liberty. Grass is always greener mortar. I couldn't decide if I wanted to say Mardi Gras is always painter. I wanted and I got caught in the middle already. Grass is always greener. Mardi grass is always greener is the cocktail. And that's the whole reason. Why the whole fat Tuesday this episode that week and all those things. They're all it didn't make what are you talking about? Are you saying that's why we're doing this cocktail? We did this cocktail because the week is mart is Mardi Gras Mardi Gras. This own future dram trying to get it all right. I'm very seventh right. Now don't tell more secrets still look behind the curtain. Pay No attention to the man alive. I didn't know you don't want that but I really good friend. Tatyana came by and she made these cocktails for us so definitely check out our instagram. So Tatiana was on for our Valentine's episode for the cranial. Be My Valentine and. She taught us a couple drinks so she taught us how to do. The cranny be my Valentine but she also taught us the Mardi grass is always greener. Mardi grass is always great loves puns. Yes Oh my God she's Super Funny And she's very funny and The momentum again like an hour having them for our fat Tuesday yeah and Because the name probably doesn't give you any into what we're drinking right now it's Kinda like a whisky sour A really good super good so again. She does the Kito friendly cocktails and so she uses a monk. Fru for her complicated syrup instead of regular sugar and then instead of using triple sec she used the Kombi yes exactly and so just gives it a nicer finish than just triple triple SEC So so must be learned. Yeah Overdose Instagram. Get that recipe and definitely highly recommend drinking along with us on this episode for sure. So yeah that kind of wraps up up cocktail hour. Is it time for a tale? It is a tale mowder. Would you like me tell you story? Yes always all right Raya This one Primarily wikipedia. Almost exclusively with the exception of listening to podcasts One called thinking sideways. So this is a very well known story that many people have talked about. And so when you kind of get a couple of different people's takes on it but the INFO itself is pretty cut and dry. There's not a lot of arguments about it all right so it's May twenty second nineteen eighteen Joseph Maggio and his wife. Catherine are sleeping I don't know if you picked up by their names but they're Italian okay And they own run like a Bar. Kinda corner store grocery spot in New Orleans by Okay Mine Roz Mardi Gras. I like I like it so I believe where they live is somehow connected to the store either above it or behind it. But it's like one of those like they live attached to store so in the middle of the night there is a break in and they are so the way that door they took a chisel who broke into a chisel and unlike our doors now they had like pains of would like you had a big frame and then like thinner pains of wood so they chiseled through the middle of the door so that they could get nowhere as johnny kind of situation. Yeah very much like that. None Anna okay. So this person breaks in they go back they find Joseph and Katherine and slit both of their throw us with a with a straight what so catherine is cut a lot deeper than Joseph Okay and then using their own acts from their home. This person just kinda starts like what I don't like always with the blade or maybe with the crazy hammer okay. So while Catherine essentially dies pretty immediately Joseph doesn't immediately succumbed to his wounds. So he's kind of like banging and his brothers live next door so then the brothers come running in but this is like two hours after the so. I don't know how long he was banging or if you'd like get somewhere to bang against a wall But when the brothers get there essentially like a couple of minutes later he dies. So police find the so they get the Joseph's body and Catherine's body out they find a bloody clothes from the killer that had just been discarded there at the house. Why don't know if you like brought a change of closer feet took close from Joseph But then they didn't really investigate other than that so later labor. They just like didn't really searched. The House didn't really like it's a wrap it just isn't that much of an investigation. Okay so then later. They find a bloody razor. The bloody straight razor. That was used on their throats in like the yard. Oh my God The neighbor finds it in there. Yeah so what's the deal with this razor? The razor belongs to homeboys brother. What the brother Andrew who found him Works at runs. Owns his some sort of association with the Barber Shop? Down The street k. And it's like one of his barbershop straight razors couple days. Prior in employee was like. Oh Yeah Andrew was like. Hey there's a or a bird in the blade I'm GonNa take it home in Hoenig so initials on it. Like how do they know it's his? He might have said it was I. I don't know I feel like okay. But but Andrew isn't saying it's not his okay so I police are like Andrew. Andrew found him which marks. Here's his knife all the stuff but then oh and they're and they're also like he andrew. How come I mean you guys live next door? Why didn't you hear her hack? Yeah and it was like Oh well. I was out partying. I'm joining the navy and I'm going to be leaving so like I was shit faced. Oh and so I was. I got home super late and then I also kind of drunk and that's probably why I didn't hear but I did eventually hear him and I went over and I mean as my brother. My brother died. So they scrutinize Andrew Story and then eventually they're like you know what it's not. Andrew he kind of has now by and I guess the other brothers there too so eventually like snotty Andrew so then So that was the end of May so now it's the morning of June twenty-seventh six seven. Am and there's delivery guy and he's coming to deliver He's like bakery stuff to drop off. This is at a another grocery store. the other guy wasn't a talent Italian grocer. So now we have another Italian Grocers House. Okay who lives attached to the market? I'm sensing a theme So the guy goes and he's like no one's answering is kind of weird. I'll go around the back and we'll see what's up with the owner so he goes to the back and the doors damage. Looks like it's been chiselled So he goes in. And that's where he finds Louis Bessemer and His lady friend potential. Not His wife and They're both laying in a puddle of blood. Oh my gosh. So Lady's name is. Harriet Harriet Low So then he finds. Louise Acts in the bathroom. That's obviously been used on them And every unlike in the chisels also left so the chisels they don't ever think came from the house because he's using to break in and leaves it but then he uses stuff from in the house he's common like there's been a couple of ex murders. Were the use the acts from that house and it's crazy common back then that everyone has an axe go. Everybody's wood-burning style. Yeah everybody needs a hatchet everybody so it's a pretty you know that's GonNa be an in most house. Yeah Okay so then He. The delivery guy gets in. He finds her body's he's like no no then I. They both ended up living what they're attacked an apple living. Oh my God so then here. It is like She kind of has some wild ideas to she goes back and forth in terms of who she thinks it was So here it's like I let this guy go at my job like a week ago. I think it was him. Yeah so then the goal and they're like running. It's kind of this farce of going after this African American guy. Who's like what? What then eventually you alibi. And he answers like okay wasn't him? Yeah then when they're invested now they're doing a little bit better of mystification so they're going through Louis stuff in a trunk. They find these letters written in German and Russian and Yiddish and go this guy. Probably a spy. He's a German SPA. That's actually what I thought. So you're only five you know that mini lineages exactly. So like he's as by and then he talked to Harry Harry. It's like Oh yeah. I think he's a spy to based on what you're telling me on the by I'm GonNa like okay here. So then they arrest him like dude this by then pretty quickly. The Officers. That arrested him are demoted. No you guys can't be detectives anymore than they let him go in there like. You're not as my then areas like you know what so. She was pretty default. She was paralyzed on one side of her face so she was going so she'd love from from the attacks on the attack so now they're like let's put you into a surgery and let's try and save some of this what time of year or this is nine hundred eighteen. No don't do that. No so she goes in for this restoratives or Israel and it ends up Kinda Kellner Weird. So when she's kind of silly but all and so she doesn't die in the surgery. Yeah she's recovering but dying or girl. Also this is when she's like you know what Louis is the one who attacked me. Your Dixon's throw shade on your deathbed. Your data she's like it was Louis so then they're like okay so then they arrest and he's found guilty or they arrested him. I think he goes to jail. And it takes awhile. He's basically in jail for like nine months a- and then eventually he like gets the trial and they ten minute deliberation from the jury. He didn't oh he's and he's out in jail for a little bit because of her deathbed confession that he killed her Okay all of each one of these is just kind of like weird in its own way. Yeah so then. On the evening of August fifth nineteen eighteen. So we were may we're June snouts August? We've kind of held. The calendar works Skeptical July in there. Oh but nothing Calendars very pregnant. Twenty eight year old Scheider. She's attacked so she wakes up and a dark figure over her bed. No yeah no she wakes up and she's like Oh and then he just proceeded to strike blow so her husband. Ed comes home a little bit. After midnight. He was working late. He comes back and police believe that. She was beaten with a lamp that the dude found in their house. I think they found a smashed up lamp..

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