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Give the nhs Sorry to save the nhs at any cost and this one here can residents put on. Do not resuscitate orders without consent within five hundred residents made subject to such a would as well. I think it's more than five hundred because the statistics have put out and this is one here. Hospital figures for kovin cases misleading. So the daily mail out. Sorry telegraph knows full. Well that as a whole ralph of evidence against the government and its agencies. But what do they prints while they bring in this man savage of it He said he asked for this advice. What he's talking about is the proper segregation in data between govett knowing Patients and people in hospital for other things. I've also this voice because it's important that we try to better analyze the primary diagnosis of anyone. Coming into all spital. Well this isn't very interesting statement. Because if we put words in his mouth is really saying that prior to enduring the pandemic the claim pandemic. It was important that we didn't know the primary diagnosis of anyone coming into hospital. And i think we can also suggested what is really getting at is if you ramping up. A pandemic using applied psychology to increase via and anxiety. It's best if the nhs knowing stats always extremist possible which is what they were doing The telegraph brings in also in duncan smith. And he says this what we're beginning to discover is that the nature of the data collection has been really poor. This intern means the ministers. Have to make very big decisions. A too often sitting on misleading data. Which often leads to floor decision baking. So you can see david and this is just. This is all a little bit of a mistake really. It's a bit of misleading data. It really does not speak weld. They've not been forthcoming. What the real fakers. All these figures will be having a direct impact on some of the decisions that have been made an old being made so he does acknowledge that there are real figures on what apparently but nobody seen the real figures the figures seeing which are clearly not real because they're so inaccurate all telling really amazing story. Because what we've go is what we've flagged up in radio. Tens of thousands of elderly people hundreds of thousands possibly of eight. We've locked up station and destroyed the economy. But it's really just a little bit of floor data on some floor decision making and if we really want to know what the medical care in. Uk's focused on well. It's not improving the health of people. It's this is public. Health matters uk using behavioral silence to improve and protect the health of the nation. So nevermore the fat. we've got elderly. People died as a result of this. We call the vaccine adverse effects. We've got misleading data. You've got to trust the same people because they going to change our behavior to make us more healthy. It's outrageous yes. Well i don't have water say david. Well it's it's interesting idea is starting to talk about flawed data. Obviously it's been one of the things we've been talking about for a year and a half now but this is absolutely key because of course once you start looking for accurate data the only place to stop this when you actually get some now. The the definition of a case was changed to be a positive test. The definition of a covert death was changed to be within twenty days of a positive tasks. The tasks thing we know is monumentally unreliable unknown without the degree. To which is unreliable is probably know. It will depend on the number of cycles of the past. It's been run. And therefore there is a story to be uncovered here about just how much the reality was. Mike notified via the media via the narrative via the government story to justify the policy. Now that's a very interesting story. I would hope that they'll be some of politicians would actually pursue that because dodd needs to be known it doesn't date but i think i don't think there's too many am piece Stepping up to the plan to do that I mean just to reinforce out david of what we saw initially was the claim that a kiss was anybody that had tested positive for death. Anybody that tested positive at some point leading up to their death did matter how long it was something. It davis made the point that his article on this Somebody could have tested positive. In march died in august or september and being considered a covert death even though they were the died of cancer or something else And you know it was only after quite a bit of pressure that the the definitions were changed to this twentieth twentieth day. No sense then. We have constantly been saying on this program that of course there's different methodologies different types of data from all the various agencies whether it be public health glitter the day or whomever which means practically impossible than the nhs. Which will. it's not practically possible that it is impossible to compare apples with apples. Therefore and So we can never actually get to the bottom of The correctness of any stigma the government minister might say because we don't see what they see and we can't actually properly analyse Aside from the way we've been doing it for the last four months. Yeah i think. I think the politicians are being pulled into the spotlight. There is so much information and questioning now happening in the country they beginning to feel pulled fullwood. And what i think we've got going on. Here is the start of a campaign will. We mustn't blame the politicians. We must have blamed people who made the decisions Chris wishy and co. this is terrible mistake over a data. That's what i think is is brewing here and if we watch the media closely we'll see whether that idea is correct or not on thursday evening and friday evening last week We were delighted to be hosting doctors for cova ethics for their Symposium absolutely fantastic event. A few technical problems on thursday but nonetheless the information that was given out was superb so Session one on session to are now available on the front page of the uk. Call website as on demand. Videos edited with removing all the technical And so pleased to share those already in sessions. Three and four will be up later on in the day. So here's the uk called Front page at the moment So the right up at the top to have a look a thought. I'd share as widely as possible. I just can't say thanks enough to doctors for kobe ethics and everybody else has contributed to that because it was a fantastic. Today's it was a fantastic. Today's boykin. I'm going to say the coolest it couldn't have happened with all the work that you did with the The team here in the uk call studios. Now we'd like to say that a lot of people lots of people centers e mails. we cover the mold. But let's just bring a couple up onscreen on just writing to thank you and all uk call him as well as all contributors for the amazing symposium. Be keeping an eye out for the whole thing to be all to. We've just covered that. It's an invaluable package of information that needs to be spread far white again. Thank you and in general for your hard work. Very best wishes. Tracy absolutely incredibly conferences halt wrenching and at the same time. So informative i so enjoy reps Weekly there are no words to express my gratitude. you're warriors for humanity. Still trying to figure out as a small minority how to make difference by very educated family. Most friends that completely hypnotized by the main narrative. Small group of people i converse with a completely open and watch your show. candidate is unrecognizable. I like the cash friday idea. Close action substance static cetera. Keep up the good work. Everyone and a big thank. You go bless you will from krista so really noise to get the support in here and for anybody wondering more cash. Friday is This is catherine austin fitts idea that central back digital currencies possibly aren't the best thing for us. We may not want to be contributing towards that particular agenda and a good place to start a very simple thing that people can do is just stop using digital currencies of any kind whether it be a cash card or whatever. It is just use cash on friday start. They're very small gesture. But it gets you started. And i think it's a fantastic idea. If you like what. The u k call dawson you would like to support a simply head over you. Call dot org forward slash community Their options to join us. 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