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If you've been listening to this tale this tally meg low maniacal racially discriminatory cheap millionaire who loathed to being called Don or donald by his subordinates but loved putting his surname on properties he's and if that reminded you of someone guess what it reminded. Ramona also these sterling trump comparison is one as her reporting bears out one that was eagerly made by Donald Sterling himself. This is from the thirty thirty sterling affairs episode three sterling like putting his name on everything preferably in big Gold Letters Sterling Plaza Sterling Ambassador Tower Sterling International National Towers. When you look Donald Sterling you have a tendency to want to compare him to donald trump west sterling love that comparison in fact not invited he wanted everyone to think of him as rich powerful and dashing so in one thousand nine hundred nine he hired his longtime friend. Michael salesman to help him mm spread that message I got him on the cover of California magazine as the man who would be trump on the west coast there it is California magazine July one thousand nine hundred nine the man who would be trump in big white letters the comparison between the two Donald's is off in some ways but in an important way it's bigger than you may even realize so. Donald Sterling was ruthless brazen and mercenary but there is every bit of evidence that he was actually a true billionaire. His properties really were valued in the billions and that was an evaluation that a fake underlying to browbeat a Forbes Forbes reporter in order to achieve sterling was also actually was the owner of a major professional sports team not a USFL owning buffalo low bills reject tea and he was successful because he was so mercenary in fact one way to if not appreciate that understand surly sterling success is to realize that there is a bonafide case to be made that he played the NBA ownership game better than anyone else did. All the other owners were chasing championships so that means they often spent lavishly and got losing or mediocre records. Sterling erling on the other hand would spend parsimoniously and achieved these similar losing record. If you step outside the mindset that there's a morality to the attempt in winning that there is a virtue in striving to hoist a trophy and you just think of the way to keep score as the valuation of Your Franchise Sterling can be said to have played the game as good as anyone ever has a rational economic actor would look at the NBA and assess that all the franchises values values rose as the value of the League rose the value of the League would rise as franchisors try to outdo each other in building entertaining teams an interesting fan experiences because the fan experiences would drive ticket prices and that allowed them to pay higher salaries but if thirty teams this attempt this twenty-nine fail every year the best outcome would be to win all the time but since no team can win all the time the Optimal Strategy Ritchie is not to try to win but to draft off everyone else's attempts and to see your valuation go up with a guaranteed low expenditure which which is exactly what Donald Sterling did. It's what to some extent the owners of baseball's. Miami marlins tried to do with the previous owners of the Cleveland Cavaliers also attempted it makes sense and if you put the fact that Donald Sterling wasn't unethical operator in many many many other ways this strategy strictly speaking is not wrong now. Donald Trump on the other hand has never been so clever as to get himself in that kind of situation where he could just sit by as his partner or spend money and he benefits Donald Trump is a man who licensed his family name to a brand of stakes for a million dollars arguably devaluing his family name by much more than a million dollars with the failure of the brand extension but what Donald Trump does and here's where the comparison is really really on on target with Donald Trump does and what donald sterling did was never take their eyes off. The prize and the prize is wealth. It's not power. It's not success. It's not esteem. It's not women. They both had a character failing for women. The prize is wealth. Both men live their lives to accumulate wealth. The Donald Trump presidency is best understood as being born of profit motive and conducted in a slipshod haphazard to and fro way that defies every explanation except for this one through line the personal enrichment of Donald Trump not saying in trump's very good at it just that no one has ever conceived the presidency in this way I mean the founding fathers were worried about it witnessed the emoluments clause but donald trump trump is a pioneer. There are many different explanations for trump's motivations. You'll hear them all. They seem to be at odds but they're not. Let's acknowledge. He's in it for for ego gratification. He enjoys the adulation of the crowds. He can't help but lashing out at any criticism no matter how small or how true but the reason that trump is in office is not for power or self-aggrandizement these are abstract concepts for a non abstract thinker. Everything everything trump does is to make money. It's all he knows it explains all of his actions granted previous presidents have also had selfish motivations but selfishness in the case of those politicians was a political selfishness to get reelected or to advance their agenda or their status or the standing in their party party or of their party not trump he's Venal. He wants more money and if he leaves office more hated but more rich well. That's been the hallmark mark of his entire career his life and don't you doubt that he will tell us about it over and over again he'll brag about how smart he was as evidenced by how oh well his business did as the result of him being president and he will call his critics all bitter and he will call us all suckers and in this case for once he'll be right and that's it for today show just as produced by Daniel Schrader who also has holdings policies Blake Griffin's and doc rivers numbers on speed dial he also it being twenty nine thousand nine you to speed dial and if you have an impressive producers rolodex or simply want to acquire one come join the staff of the gist the associate producer position is open it calls for some creative bold and fun slate dot com slash jobs the gist for years. Frankie Moon news was also our second biggest celebrity fan who predappio do Peru and thanks for listening..

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